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Occupational safety, health and environmental professionals work day in and day out to make sure millions of people worldwide continue to go to and return home from work every day. To recognize and celebrate their ongoing commitment to protecting people, property and the environment, we salute safety professionals world wide for their dedication to saving lives and making our workplaces safer. In honor of ASSE's 100th anniversary, the following safety professionals have been nominated for special recognition. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!

Name: Penn Maid/HP Hood LLC Safety Committees

Organization: HP Hood LLC

Why: The two Safety Committees currently operating at the Penn Maid Dairy (Day Shift Committee and Off Shift Committee) drive much of the safety improvements and provide all employees a voice in the safety process. Back in 2007, Penn Maid had the worse safety record in the HP Hood organization for UHT (Ultra High Temperature) Plants.  With the onset of two new safety committees that have met every month since September of 2007 and the visible change in our safety culture the Penn Maid facility has completed a full turn around with regards to safety. Penn Maid has won the HP Hood President’s Safety Award three years and running. We also won the Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence in 2010 in part to the great work the safety committees do.  Every safety committee member is empowered to be a safety liaison in the plant and bring the safety word to the forefront. 

At each safety committee meeting, a portion of the meeting is dedicated to round table format that allows each member to bring to the table two or three safety issues or concerns that are currently happening on the floor.  Safety work orders are generated, priorities and estimated completion dates are assigned and then the work orders are posted on a bulletin board for all to view.

Name: Industrial Hygiene Branch, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

Organization: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility (IMF)

Why: This team puts forth great efforts in protecting our workers who are repairing our nation's nuclear submarines. There is constant attention to details of projects in the dry docks, preventing lead and silica exposures within the confines of the ships being worked; providing confined space entry support for abrasive blasters and painters that allows them to do their work safely and quickly.

Name: University of Connecticut, EH&S

Organization: UConn EH&S

Why: The staff of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at UConn provides outstanding service and dedication to promote and maintain the health and safety of the University's faculty, staff, and student employees. EH&S provides comprehensive occupational health and safety services for the University community by developing and administering effective policies, programs and procedures that prevent personal injuries, maintain regulatory compliance, and ensure a safe and healthful workplace environment in the areas of biological, chemical, occupational, and radiation safety. The staff is a highly regarded occupational safety information resource ready to meet the needs of the university community.


Company: Member ITT ESH

Why: ITT ESH has invested heavily in state of the Art ESH tools and training for their employees and has outstanding commitment to world class ESH Systems.

Name: Anne Marie St Clair

Organization: Dow Chemical

Why: Anne Marie demonstrates excellence and passion in promoting safety leadership across all levels within Dow Chemical. Her development and oversight of leadership engagement sessions to help drive understanding and need for leadership in safety at all levels in the company has helped promote the importance of a safe workplace.

Name: Bob Rambaud

Organization: Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Why: Bob is committed to the safety and health of employees.

Name: SSHOs at Camp Pendleton, CA

Organization: Filanc

Why: The SSHO "network" on Camp Pendleton realizes that safety is no secret. What works for one job site may work for others. Information is shared formally and informally with the intent that all personnel go home safely at the end of each day!

Name: Cindy Lewis

Organization: American Society of Safety Engineers Member

Why: Cindy Lewis has been a tireless supporter of NAOSH week - developing thousands of future safety leaders in the process. She and her family support the NAOSH kickoff events each year, support the ASSE poster contest, and Cindy has now developed a video contest within her area in Houston.

Name: The hundreds of Safety Professionals at ConocoPhillips

Organization: ConocoPhillips

Why: This group of professionals has worked tirelessly over the past 8 years to reduce our injuries by 65% while executing over 1.5 billion work hours. The group has created rigorous systems, processes, and their attention to detail has made our work sites safer.

Name: Division of Safety and Hygiene

Organization: Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation

Why: This team strives to protect and educate employers in Ohio to promote safety for all Ohioans.

Name: Fundacian IPC

Organization: Grupo PROSEC

Why: This team creates safety culture in South America. They are devoted to sharing safety knowledge to all people and organizations in Ecuador. Create Safety Culture in South America

Name: Gladys Thomas

Organization: Qualitrol Co. LLC

Why: Gladys's compassion and commitment to EHS and the safety of our associates is evident in all that she does. She possesses great negotiation skills and can make a negative situation have a positive outcome. Gladys is very trustworthy and has achieved much respect throughout our company.

Name: H. W. Franco

Organization: U.S. Marine Corps

Why: Awesome tactical safety specialist who really looks out for his fellow Marines and knows his stuff!

Name: Hamad Al- Kandari

Company: Kuwait Oil Company

Why: He is highly committed to the HSE profession and provides great leadership and guidance for the Exploration & Production Development Directorate of Kuwait Oil Company. He introduced innovative HSE communication tools such as SMS alerts, an HSE focus, HSE extranet for company business partners and the E&PD Directorate's performance improved substantially over a period of the last two years thanks to these contributions.

Name: IAP-Hill

Organization: IAP-Hill

Why: The Employees at IAP-Hill immediately identify hazards and correct the unsafe acts and/or conditions or elevate the situation to the next higher level for correction.

Name: Jeff Johnson

Organization: Bickmore Risk Services

Why: Jeff heads up our Risk Control services team. Under his leadership we have expanded and improved our services. He is always on the leading edge of technology, urging us to think outside the box and to develop new and easier ways for helping our clients protect their employees, their property and the environment.

Name: John Dizor

Organization: Dow Chemical

Why: Long-term safety stewardship of processes and tools for Dow Chemical, as well as development of consistent global safety standards to drive performance improvement across the company.

Name: Julie LaRose

Company: Milwaukee School of Engineering

Why: Julie has taken charge and made a difference at the University of Milwaukee School of Engineering. She has put health and safety on the minds of everyone working and living at the university through spreading knowledge about fire extinguisher training, blood borne pathogens, hazardous waste training and more. She has spread the word about proper PPE use and has improved safety awareness at the school.

Name: LJB, Inc.

Organization: LJB, Inc.

Why: LJB consistently provides up to date, unbiased information on a variety of issues such as fall protection and safety training. They always put the interest of a client's workforce ahead of profits.

Name: Michael O'Toole

Organization: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Why: Dr. O'Toole always helps students to understand and promote safety practices.

Name: Paul Penzkover

Organization: Mortenson Construction

Why: Paul is a great leader with a very consistent approach to safety. He promotes worker involvement to acquire "buy in" from his work force and is solution driven, not problem focused.

Name: REHS

Organization: REHS

Why: They do an excellent job.

Name: Renea Straub

Organization: State Group

Why: Renee has excellent leadership abilities. She stands behind her safety program at State Group.

Name: Rod McCain

Organization: Mustang Engineering

Why: Rod engaged non-safety personnel on a project team to present safety minutes. He required that each project team member take turns in selecting a safety topic, doing the research on that topic and presenting the safety minutes at the monthly team safety meeting. This allowed team members to learn about safety and to hear about safety from their peers, which made them more receptive to applying safety. Rod has the tenacity to keep safety in front of the project team in an entertaining and informative fashion.

Name: Roxana Moran

Organization: Universal Studios Hollywood

Why: Roxana is committed to the safety & health of all employees and contractors working at USH. She is dedicated to the contractor safety review and approval process, ensuring that all contractors working at this facility receive critical safety and health information before they start work.

Name: S&HS Team

Organization: JEA, Jacksonville, FL

Why: Because of the time and energy you apply to supporting and providing safety & health resources to this utility and the community we serve, greater than 2,000 employees and thousands more contractors in northeast FL go home each day free of injuries- THANK YOU!

Name: Sam Kennedy

Organization: Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center

Why: Kennedy reduced workplace injuries by 60% over the last three years by creating and implementing an outstanding safety program.

Name: Styrofoam Plant EH&S Team

Organization: Dow Chemical Co. / Jolliet Styrofoam Plant

Why are you recognizing this person/team: This team has worked hard through the years to help build a sustainable safe work environment. Team members have worked on numerous ergonomic improvements and worked to evaluate, offer suggestions, and implement ways to reduce dust in the plant. Team members were also heavily involved with Man-Machine Interface evaluations (and ideas for improvements). Our plant has gone 13.5 years without an OSHA recordable injury.

Name: Sun Products SH&E Team

Organization: Sun Products Corporation

Why: The Sun Products SH&E Team demonstrates the highest levels of skill, professionalism, and integrity.

Name: Tana Shively

Organization: Hillcrest Medical Center

Why: Tana spends countless hours reviewing injuries and investigating root causes to prevent future injuries. She creates educational resources and participates in numerous committees in an effort to bring job hazard awareness to the employee. She perseveres to protect staff from injuries.

Name: Target's Distribution Safety Team

Organization: Target

Why: Outstanding collaboration and partnership with the field and HQ!! The team works diligently, creating and maintaining DC Source materials to keep the supply chain partners equipped with the tools to keep team members safe. Collaborating with other departments to drive innovative improvements that not only minimize risk, but also improve the lives of team members is a top priority.

Name: TEI Environmental, Health, & Safety Team

Organization: Truck Enterprises Inc.

Why: We have mounted rubber gloves at all parts washers to prevent possible infection and illness. This team works to keep us safe.

Name: Terrie Norris

Organization: Bickmore Risk Services

Why: Terrie approaches every assignment with knowledge, professionalism and passion. As President-elect of ASSE, everyone knows Terrie. She has earned this position of prominence through hard work, a personal passion for excellence and a fervent desire to elevate the profession. Terrie's loss cause analysis has motivated a client to invest time and resources in addressing their most costly causes of loss. Taking lessons learned from the analysis, Terrie is assisting the client develop best practices and an employee education program designed to reduce the incidence and severity of loss.

Name: The Global HSE Team at Terex

Organization: Terex Aerial Work Platforms

Why: This team has a fun, cooperative and improvement-oriented style that cannot be beat! Ergonomics is a key focus and we have dedicated ergonomics teams committed to safety.

Name: Tim Myatt

Organization: Brinkmann Constructors

Why: Tim makes sure we are all well informed of the safety regulations, changes and any up to date OSHA information. He makes sure all are following proper safety guidelines on jobsites across the country and is the best safety director ever!

Tim holds weekly safety walks with staff and is very sharp and knowledgeable about all areas of safety.

Name: University of California EH&S Professionals

Organization: University of California, Office of the President

Why: Thank you to UC EH&S professionals for the hard work and passion to ensure a safe work place for our staff, students, and visitors.

Name: Dave Crowley, CSP, CET, CHMM, EHS Director

Organization: HP Hood LLC

Why: Dave is an inspirational leader that drives his safety team to be the best they can be by always leading by example and living and preaching safety every day of his life. His never ending upbeat attitude and genuine concern for everyone's safety in the HP Hood organization has made me along with all of the other EHS Managers under his control better at what we do. I cannot think of a better compliment to pay someone other than they make me better at my job by inspiring daily, providing the tools to all of us to do our job and are tireless in spreading the safety word. I truly appreciate having a leader like Dave Crowley to mentor my fellow coworkers and I each and every day.

The Walt Disney Company

Name: Sheriff Amusa

Organization: The Walt Disney Company

Why: Sheriff is a student member, and an intern with The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.  His work with us consists of completing JSA's for a specific area, and working with the training team to embed the information into on the job training.  Sheriff has done an outstanding job, and is often not even recognized as an intern (by those who don't know him) - he is often mistaken for a Safety and Health Manager.  This is due to his technical knowledge, communication skills, maturity, and professionalism.

Name: Derrick Bell

Organization: The Walt Disney Company

Why: Derrick Bell was recently temporarily assigned to a large-scale project to track and follow through to completion on a multitude of safety projects resulting from a series of executive roundtable safety discussions. His work on the project, in partnership with the rest of the team, resulted in a number of safety concerns being addressed in a timely fashion. Derrick really understands how to generate valued partnerships that result in driving projects through to completion.

Name: Kelly Bernish

Organization: The Walt Disney Company

Why: Kelly Bernish has been active in ASSE for a number of years on every level.  In Central Florida, we have a peer organization called Alliance for Central Florida Safety.  Kelly is the Chair of ACFS this year. ACFS has a long-held annual safety conference that is very highly attended.  This year Kelly forged a partnership between the two organizations so that the Central Florida Chapter co-sponsored the event and applied for CEU's.  There were more than 500 attendees of the day-long PDC.  We will continue to grow this bond between the two organizations looking for synergies and efficiencies- and this will benefit the entire Central Florida EHS community, helping prevent injuries and protect workers.

Name: Chad Burns

Organization: The Walt Disney Company

Why: Chad partnered with the leadership team in his assigned areas to create a "Safe-D" plan that addresses near miss reporting, communication, accountability, leading indicators, safety committee involvement, hazard ID and correction and recognition. As a result of his efforts, Chad was awarded the Safety Leadership Award from the Florida Safety Council, and cast member injuries were prevented.

Name: Danielle Cappello

Organization: Walt Disney World Resort

Why: Danielle has been working as an interim within our safety and health department. She has outstanding field presence and always solicits opinions for our front line cast. Danielle spends much of her time in the field doing survey work. Not only does she work independently, she also goes out of her way to talk with employees in the area and helps to answer their questions.

Name: Brian Cook

Organization: The Walt Disney Company

Why: Brian has worked closely with his partners to develop fully functional Cast Safety Committees as well as focused ergonomics training for his specific areas allowing salaried and hourly Cast Members to have the knowledge to make ergonomic observations and corrections on the spot. This has resulted in a year over year improvement in the Total OSHA Recordable Rate for his areas and real buy in and ownership of his teams.

Name: Mike Curry

Organization: The Walt Disney Company

Why: Mike Curry never walks by a cast member without greeting them with a smile and saying "hello, how are you?" When our cast know how approachable Mike is and that he really cares about them, they are willing to approach him about anything - large or small - safety or not. Mike has opened great lines of communication in his assigned areas and as a result safety concerns are reported before an injury occurs.

Name: Michelle Demarest

Organization: The Walt Disney Company

Why: Michelle is very skilled in partnering with departments outside of safety on large scale projects. Michelle's expertise is sought after by our external partners, and her input is highly valued. Her work focuses on prevention through design, and I am thankful for the injuries that have been prevented due to her critical review and input on projects large and small.

Name: Rob Sprouse and Heather Earl

Organization: The Walt Disney Company

Why: Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has two US based sites: Disneyland in CA and Walt Disney World in FL. Rob and Heather have been tasked with partnering with their California counterparts to review safety policies, practices and procedures; take the best of both worlds and create domestic safety and health procedures and practices that will better promote safety and protect the cast members at both sites.

Name: Heather Earl

Organization: Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts

Why: Heather is a dedicated safety pro who is always willing to contribute. Thanks Heather!

Name: Beth Fiorey

Organization: Walt Disney Company

Why: Beth has been a great partner in all safety issues at Disney's Animal Kingdom and brings a passion to her role that is contagious to everyone around her. She has established safety walks with fellow cast members to share safety best practices among different groups.

Name: Scott Galas

Organization: Walt Disney World

Why: Scott solicits input from everyone while attempting to come up with solutions to safety issues. This gains support from the entire group instead of simply instructing the team, which leads to their acceptance of the resolution.

Name: Mike Garner

Organization: Walt Disney World Resort

Why: Mike's experience and knowledge allow him to provide both safety and industrial hygiene support for our company. He is always a team player willing to help where needed. Mike manages our fall protection program which is a very large task. He always seeks to provide the best solution for our operations while maintaining compliance. He does the same for industrial hygiene projects as well.

Name: Willean Presley

Organization: The Walt Disney Company

Why: Willean Presley has recently partnered to do extensive design reviews for a new project. Her feedback has resulted in changes to the design that will prevent injuries - the epitome of Prevention Through Design. As a result of her efforts, she is continuously engaged by her partners for design review to ensure safety is taken into consideration every step of the way.

Name: Marcus Rasberry

Organization: The Walt Disney Company

Why: Marcus Rasberry partnered on two separate occasions with his operations team and the training department to create/update safety videos to ensure they were site specific for each of his affected locations. This resulted in the operation really embracing the videos since they were specific to their operation and the operation was accurately depicted, utilizing local cast members as the stars of the show.

Name: William Repine

Organization: Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Why: William has helped in the development and sustainment of inspection processes for PPE designed to ensure workplace safety and is committed to protecting workers.

Name: Luis Santini

Organization: Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Why: Santini has outstanding commitment to the safety and health of workers at the largest single-site employer in the country. Through development of auditing tools designed to prevent the occurrence of incidents and non-compliance situations, Santini has helped keep workers safe.

Name: Mark Tylec

Organization: The Walt Disney Company

Why: Mark has quickly developed a kinship with his partners - all levels - salaried to executive. He has Cast Members outside of his area of responsibility who come to him with concerns because he has the reputation to follow-through, every time. Mark has followed through on several items that are not his responsibility: investigated, engaged the appropriate parties, communicated frequently to the originator of the concern, ensured resolution of the item, and then provided recognition for the Cast Member who brought the concern to his attention. Way to go Mark – that's the way to create 1000's of individual safety observers who will take the time to report concerns before someone gets hurt!

Name: Milo Vecanski

Organization: Walt Disney World Resort

Why: Milo is a great subject matter expert for almost every safety topic. His in-depth knowledge of many subjects makes him a great technical resource for our teams. Milo strives to ensure that we remain in compliance while helping our operations areas to work more efficiently. He recently combined several checklist forms into one, which allowed for compliance while reducing the amount of time for completion.

Name: Michael Wallace

Organization: Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Why: Michael assists in the sustainment of incident reporting tools designed to reduce workplace incidents and is committed to the safety and health of employees.

Name: Lesley Welch

Organization: Walt Disney World Resort

Why: Lesley is an outstanding industrial hygienist. Her technical knowledge is exceptional and she is always on top of all new developments in IH. Her passion for ensuring that our Hearing Conservation Program is a world class vision is outstanding. She always seeks innovative ways to reduce noise exposure and recently educated our sound technicians to help continue to keep noise as lower levels.

Name: Christopher White

Organization: Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Why: Chris has helped develop audit tools designed to reduce injuries and enhance compliance. He has outstanding commitment to the safety and health of workers at the largest single-site employer in the country.

Name: Jennifer Zipeto

Organization: Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Why: Jennifer has outstanding communitment to the safety and health of workers. She leads in the development of standard practices related to OSHA response and liason.