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NAOSH Events & Activities

We’d like to share your efforts with your fellow members, corporate and association partners and with the media.  All activities will also be included in our annual report and on the web page. All you have to do is provide a brief overview of the events and any photos you take. No activity is too small or too big.

Thanks for sharing your updates with us and for helping increase awareness of how to continue to be safe at work all year long!  Should you have any questions or need assistance please contact ASSE’s Diane Hurns at 847-768-3413 or Also, you can go to to tools for a list of last year’s activities and to for photos of last year’s events.

Your NAOSH Event

Tell us what you're doing for North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week 2011, May 1-7 & for Occupational Safety and Health Professional (OSHP) Day, May 4, 2011

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If you have any questions please contact ASSE public relations at, or go to or for more information. You can enter the information electronically at or mail it to ASSE PR Manager Diane Hurns, 1800 E. Oakton Street, Des Plaines, IL, 60018 or fax it to Diane at 847.296.3769.

Thank you!