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February 22, 2011, WINNERS – 9th Annual ASSE Kids' 'Safety-on-the-Job' Poster Contest

AGES 5-6

1. Noah Brobst, 5, PA; Follow the rules to be Safety Cool;

2. Camille D. Soto, 6, FL: Make sure you wear safety glasses...

3. Mei Pierson, 6, MD; Be Alert, Pay Attention, Stay Safe.

4. Connor Hamilton, 6, WV; Score Points for Safety.

AGES 7-8

1. Tamaya Olivia Bush, 8, SC; Come Join the Crew.

2. Emma Pilipaka, 7, WA; 811 Call Before you dig

3. Lily Sugra, 7, PA; Safety Comes First, Protect Your Peeps

4. Nicole Duncan, 7, VA; Be a cool cat like me, wear your PPE

AGES 9-10

1. Tiffany Jade Heishman, 10, VA; Safety Belts are Not Just for Cars! Always use Safety Belts

2. Da'moreon Travis, 10, KY, Make Safety First or You Won't Last

3. Olivia Getz, 9, PA; Safety, It's not a game;

4. Taylin Crosen, 10, VA; Safety starts with S, but begins with You...

AGES 11-12

1. Anjela G. Sevilla, 12, Jubail, Saudi Arabia; Safety Matters

2. Siena Mayer-Costa, 12, NJ; Teen Worker Safety;

3. Sai Pravallika Velicheti, 12, Kuwait; Confined Spaces Can Kill

4. Laurel Holmes, 12, GA; Slow Down, Work Zones My Hurt More Than Cones

AGES 13-14

1. Robin Newman, 14, AL; Don't be the sender to cause a fender bender

2. Erin Carr, 13, NY; Wear Protective Gear, I Want You to Be Safe at Work.

3. Shauna Triplett, 14, VA; Safety on the Job (globe)

4. Taiyeba Alamgir, 13, Kuwait; Work Safely or Hurt Greatly

What is NAOSH Week?

North American Occupational Safety and Health Week, or NAOSH Week, occurs every year during the first full week of May. NAOSH Week is intended to raise awareness about occupational safety, health and the environment.

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