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2010 NAOSH Week Champions

F. Robb Altenburg, of Washington, DC, is safety specialist for the Smithsonian Institution, where he organized a NAOSH Week event. He is a member of the National Capital Chapter.

Along with her South Carolina Chapter, Laura Comstock, CSP, of Lexington, SC, sponsored a poster contest winner and the winner’s family so that they could attend NAOSH Week events in Washington, DC.

Heather Earl, CSP, of Buena Vista, FL, is manager, safety and health LOB operations for Walt Disney World Resorts. She helped her Central Florida Chapter sponsor more than 100 entries in the Safety-on-the-Job Kids’ poster contest. In addition, Earl and chapter members gathered a record-breaking 17 proclamations from Florida cities and counties.

D. Kevin Earp, of Charlotte, NC, is director of safety for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. He helped promote the Safety-on-the-Job Kids’ poster contest in his area schools. He also sponsored a poster contest winner and the winner’s family so that they could attend NAOSH Week events in Washington, DC. Earp is a professional member of the Tarheel Chapter.

Christopher Helser, CSP, of Onancock, VA, supported NAOSH Week kick-off events and the Safety-on-the-Job Kids’ poster contest awards. He is employed by NASA-Wallops Island, and is a professional member of the Greater Tidewater Chapter.

Mary Winkler, CSP, of LaPlata, MD, works for the Smithsonian Institution and is a professional member of the National Capital Chapter. She spearheaded a NAOSH Week event at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.

Michael Wolf, of Columbia, MD, is EHS manager for EVI-ITT Intelligence & Info Warfare. He contributed to NAOSH Week by helping with logistics and proclamations, and he served as a local ambassador to NAOSH Week visitors. Wolf is a professional member of the Chesapeake Chapter.

2009 ASSE NAOSH Champion Award Winners

ASSE NAOSH ’09 Champions for going above and beyond:

Warren Brown presents Robert Adams with his award.

Michael Messner receiving his award.

Charles E. Wigger Jr., CSP, of Evansville, IN, is safety director at Lamar Advertising Evansville. His company donated 10 billboards to promote NAOSH Week across the U.S. Wigger is a professional member of the Audubon Chapter.
Mary E. Winkler, CSP, of La Plata, MD, is safety director for the National Zoo, where one of the NAOSH Week events took place this year. Winkler, a professional member of the National Capital Chapter, helped organize many NAOSH Week events in Washington, DC.
Allan M. Yokoyama, CHST, OHST, STS, of Mililani, HI, organized and hosted an SH&E day in Honolulu to help promote NAOSH Week. He is a safety administrator at Albert C. Kobayashi Inc. and is a member of the Hawaii Chapter.
Robert A. Adams, of Wilsonville, OR, sponsored several children in the annual NAOSH Week Safety-on-the-Job kids' poster contest. Adams is safety manager at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility and is a member of the Columbia-Willamette Chapter.
Michael A. Messner, CSP, CFPS, of Edmond, OK, is a loss control consultant for Union Standard Insurance Co. In support of NAOSH Week, Messner secured a billboard and received several proclamations recognizing the week. He is a professional member of the Oklahoma City Chapter.

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Wesley W. Watkins, of Moses Lake, WA, has been a sponsor for children entering the Kid’s Safety Poster Contest for several years. He is health and safety coordinator for Genie Industries and is a member of the Inland Northwest Chapter.


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J. Anthony Blythe, CSP, of Bowie, MD, is safety director at W. A. Chester LLC and a professional member of the National Capital Chapter. He garnered several NAOSH Week proclamations and supported the NAOSH Week events in Washington, DC.

  The employees of Genie Industries, in Moses Lake, WA, were also recognized as NAOSH Champions for sending two poster contest winners to Washington, DC, for the NAOSH Week activities.

Safety Engineers Honor Members Who Reach Millions with Message About Safety at Work

DES PLAINES, IL (June 28, 2009) – The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) honors members for their help as volunteers in reaching millions of people and thousands of businesses on the importance of being safe at work during May’s North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week, May 3 – 9, 2009, and Occupational Safety and Health Professional (OSHP) Day, May 6, 2009. ASSE members from Hawaii, Indiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Oregon and Washington will be presented with the NAOSH Champion award at the annual ASSE House of Delegates meeting held at noon today, Sunday, June 28, in San Antonio as part of SAFETY 2009 for going above and beyond in their ongoing volunteer support.

Due to ASSE member efforts and the NAOSH Champion award winners, the seventh annual ASSE “Safety-on-the-Job” kids’ poster contest was again a success with close to 1,000 entries from around the world with participants ranging from age 5 – 14Through this contest, which awards those that best illustrate being safe on the job, ASSE and its members seek to educate children on the importance of safety and the occupational safety, health and environmental (SH&E) profession. This year’s NAOSH theme was ‘Safety Means Always Coming Home’ as poster participants in the past have noted that workplace safety means their moms, dads and family members return home safely at the end of the day. ASSE members and non-members donated close to two million volunteer hours in their ongoing efforts to prevent injuries and illnesses by supporting the children’s poster contest and NAOSH events.
The ASSE NAOSH Champion 2009 award winners, those that went above and beyond not only this year but also in the past, are:

  • Charles E. Wigger Jr., CSP, of Chandler IN, safety director for Lamar Outdoor Advertising and an ASSE professional member, who led the efforts for Lamar to donate and put up billboards, across the U.S. in 10 locations, featuring 10 different ASSE poster contest winners increasing awareness of SH&E, the profession and garnering pride in their families, their schools and the ASSE members who sponsored them. Some of them are still up and can be viewed at

  • Mary Winkler, CSP, of La Plata, MD, occupational safety and health specialist for the Smithsonian Institution in D.C. and former ASSE National Capital Chapter president, who assisted in planning and coordinating the event donated by ASSE’s Region III (Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas) at the Smithsonian National Zoo in D.C. for the May 3 NAOSH activity, which included more than 100 guests. She also helped plan this year’s successful programs in Washington D.C. which took place on May 4.

  • Allan Yokoyama, CHST, OHST, STS, of Mililani, HI, safety administrator at Albert C. Kobayashi, Inc. and ASSE Hawaii Chapter past-president, who went above and beyond in meeting with the Governor of HI and county mayors on the Islands of Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, and Honolulu; managing and being host to an SH&E safety day open to all in Honolulu; and working with the unions and members in being proactive in supporting worker memorial day and NAOSH Week/OSHP Day.

  • J. Anthony Blythe, CSP of Bowie, MD, safety director at W. A. Chester LLC and ASSE National Capital Chapter professional member, who garnered several NAOSH proclamations and again helped, with his family, at all the NAOSH events in Washington D.C.

  • Robert A. Adams, of Gresham, OR, safety manager at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (CCCF) and ASSE Columbia/Willamette Chapter member, who for the first time sponsored children of employees of CCCF in the ASSE kids’ poster contest, resulting in one of the five winners, Hayley Lemens, whose poster was also displayed in Pendleton, OR, on a Lamar Billboard. In doing so he also increased pride in CCCF and raised awareness of SH&E, the SH&E profession and ASSE. Hayley and her family, about 14 people, came from OR and CA to attend the D.C. events, and it also turned out that Hayley’s grandfather was a long-time ASSE member.

  • Michael A. Messner, CSP, CFPS, of Edmond, OK, loss control consultant for Union Standard Insurance Company and ASSE Oklahoma Chapter President, who again went above and beyond in securing a NAOSH billboard and proclamations from the local cities and states in Oklahoma.

  • Wesley W. Watkins of Moses Lake, WA, safety manager at Genie Industries and ASSE member, who for the past seven years has sponsored children in the greater WA/OR area to participate in the ASSE poster contest. He is a great advocate for SH&E, the profession and ASSE. Each year, one of the posters he sponsors, or more than one, place in the contest – this year it was two winners. Also, employees at his company, Genie, raised funds to send the two winners to the NAOSH events in D.C.

  • Employees of Genie Industries (Genie is a Terex Company and is located in Moses Lake, WA), who raised funds internally to pay for two of the poster contest winners Watkins sponsored, and their fathers, to fly from WA state to attend all of the D.C. NAOSH events. The two winners were Taylor Visker, age 9, of Moses Lake, WA, first place winner in the 9-10 age category; and Zachary Delano, age 13, of Ephrata, WA, fourth place winner in the 13-14 age group. The employees held many fund raising activities at their work site.

ASSE, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE), and the more than 50 OSHA Alliance Partners, representing all industries, thousands of businesses and millions of people, including the 2009 NAOSH Champions, provided tools, best practices and solutions on how to increase workplace safety during NAOSH Week. NAOSH is one of the activities ASSE does each year to increase awareness of workplace safety. Due to the efforts of many, millions of people go to and return home safely from work every day. However, in U.S. alone, 5,657 workers died from on-the-job injuries in 2007 and millions more suffered workplace injuries and illnesses. These can be prevented.

Founded in 1911, the Des Plaines, IL-based ASSE is the largest and oldest professional safety organization and is committed to protecting people, property and the environment. The annual ASSE Professional Development Conference and Exposition runs from June 28 – July 1 in San Antonio at the Henry B. Gonzalez convention Center. For more information please go to

2006-2008 ASSE NAOSH Champion Award Winners

ASSE NAOSH ’08 Champions for going above and beyond:

  • ASSE Greater Boston Chapter Vice President Joseph Fulliero, Environmental & Occupational Risk Management
  • ASSE New Jersey Chapter President-Elect Kristin Kelley, ASP, Corporate EHS Specialist – Benjamin Moore Paints, and the ASSE New Jersey Chapter
  • ASSE Region VI Vice President James H. Morris III, Assistant Director, School Plant Services – Virginia Beach City Public Schools
  • ASSE Oklahoma City Chapter Secretary Catreana L. Bennett, Director Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City Precision Driving Training
  • ASSE Southwest Chapter Professional Member Donald L. Legg, P.E., Director Bell Helicopter Textron Environment, Health and Safety
  • ASSE Professional Member Philip E. Goldsmith, CSP, ARM, Deputy Chief Risk Management – National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
  • ASSE Central Ohio Chapter Professional Member Amy Stewart, CSP, Safety Consulting Services
  • ASSE Kitty Hawk Professional Member Tim W. McDaniel, CIH, CHMM, EHS Manager – International Truck & Engine, Navistar
  • ASSE Region III Vice President Gregory L. Smith, CSP, and Region III
  • ASSE Region III Treasurer Cindy L. Lewis and Gulf Coast Chapter President-Elect

ASSE Junior NAOSH ‘08 Champions for going above and beyond:

  • James Morris, IV, son of James H. Morris III, ASSE Region VI Vice President
  • Sean Morris, son of James H. Morris III, ASSE Region VI Vice President
  • Chelsea Crowley, daughter of David Crowley, CSP, CET, CHMM, ASSE Greater Boston Chapter Past-President
  • Sonja Menese, mother of Cynthia Lewis, ASSE Region III Treasurer

ASSE NAOSH ‘07 Champions for going above and beyond:

  • ASSE Gulf Coast Chapter Past President Tara R. Falin
  • Region III Treasurer and ASSE Gulf Coast Chapter past president Cynthia L. Lewis
  • ASSE Columbia – Willamette Chapter past president David R. Parsons
  • Transportation Practice Specialty Administrator and ASSE Chattanooga Area Chapter member Douglas R. Cook
  • ASSE Boston Chapter past president David T. Crowley, CSP, CET, CHMM
  • ASSE NJ Chapter NAOSH Committee Chair Patrick J. Delaney
  • ASSE Central Ohio Chapter President Kirby N. Utt, CSP, ALCM
  • George W. Pearson, CSP and the ASSE Colonial Virginia Chapter
  • Turner Universal Corporation
  • David B. Hales and the ASSE Tennessee Valley Chapter and the Turner Corporation

ASSE NAOSH ’06 Champions for going above and beyond:

  • ASSE Arkansas Chapter Vice President Heather J. Earl, CSP
  • New Jersey Chapter President Gina Mayer-Costa, CSP, CHMM
  • New Jersey Chapter Public Affairs Chair John J. Fearing, CPEA
  • National Capital Chapter President Michael McCullion, ARM, CSP
  • Former ASSE President and ASSE Ft. Worth, TX, chapter member James “Skipper” Kendrick, CSP
  • Southwest Chapter member and Area Regional Vice President for the ASSE Council on Practices and
  • Standards Committee Patricia A. Kagerer, CSP, ARM