2009 'Safety-on-the-Job' Poster Contest Winners

Carley Jarman, 3rd Place Winner in the Age 7-8 group recieved a certificate of recognition from Texas Governor Rick Perry in honor of her winning poster.

ASSE Congratulates Caylin Wigger, Abigail Helser, Taylor Visker, Hayley Lemens and Amanda Carr For Winning First Place in the 7th Annual ASSE Kids' 'Safety-on-the-Job' Poster Contest and Salutes the 15 Other Winners and Hundreds More For Submitting Creative Posters From Around the World

DES PLAINES, IL (February 23, 2009) – Out of hundreds of entries from children aged 5 – 14 from around the world, children from Indiana, New York, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin took the first place honors in their age group for the 7th annual American Society of Safety Engineers’ (ASSE) kids’ “safety-on-the-job” poster contest. The contest, open to ASSE members’ children or organizations and schools they sponsor, asks children to best illustrate what job safety means to them, their families and friends. In addition to receiving savings bonds, the children’s winning posters in each of the five age groups will be featured on the North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week poster sent to thousands of businesses worldwide. The contestants are also honored in a Washington, D.C., awards ceremony Monday, May 4, at the U.S. Capitol and at the U.S. Department of Labor NAOSH Week kick-off. NAOSH Week runs this May 3-9.

Age 5-6 Winners

First Place Winner
Caylin M. Wigger, 6 - Chandler, IN
Second Place Winner
Carli Hamilton, 6 - Bunker Hill, WV
Third Place Winner
Tylan Porterfield, 6 - Branchburg, NJ
Fourth Place Winner
Laura E. Cummings, 5 - Gasport, NY

Age 7-8 Winners

First Place Winner
Abigail C. Helser, 8 - Portage, WI
Second Place Winner
Sage O'Neill, 8 - Neshanic Station, NJ
Third Place Winner
Carley Jarman, 8 - San Antonio, TX
Fourth Place Winner
Taylin Crosen, 8 - Winchester, VA

Age 9-10 Winners

First Place Winner
Taylor Visker, 9 - Moses Lake, WA
Second Place Winner
Ivy Barker, 10 - Warm Springs, VA
Third Place Winner
Chloe Dingwall, 9 - Oregon City, OR
Fourth Place Winner
James Munsell, 9 - Centerburg, OH

Age 11-12 Winners

First Place Winner
Hayley Lemens, 12 - Pendleton, OR
Second Place Winner
Valentina Whelan, 11 - Valrico, FL
Third Place Winner
Immanuel A. Rakshana, 11 - Shuaiba, Kuwait
Fourth Place Winner
Robin Newman, 12 - Madison, AL

Age 13-14 Winners

First Place Winner
Amanda Carr, 13 - Greenwich, NY
Second Place Winner
Mo Ishan Iqbal, 13 - Kuwait
Third Place Winner
Ostin Y.E. Uni, 13 - Yumbo Valle, Colombia
Fourth Place Winner
Zachary Delano, 13 - Ephrata, WA

7th Annual ASSE "Safety-on-the-Job" Poster Contest

Celebrating North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week May 3-9, 2009 and Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Day May 6, 2009

Please read and follow all the rules carefully so that all posters/drawings will be eligible. The posters that best illustrate job safety will be selected as winners. Before the children begin drawing, we urge you to talk to them about your job and workplace safety and provide examples of what risks occupational safety, health and environmental professionals address every day on the job, and if possible, provide them with examples of workplace situations. Visit www.asse.org/naosh for examples of children's workplace safety posters and ASSE's "Safety Through the Decades" timeline. Have fun and as they say in the in the Wild, Wild, West "Draw Partner".


1. Entry is open to ASSE members' children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews between the ages of 5 and 14. Chapters and members can also sponsor schools and students from their communities, from their workplace, etc. There are five age categories with a first, second, third and fourth place winner from each age category which are: 1) ages 5-6; 2) ages 7-8; 3) ages 9-10; 4) ages 11-12; and, 5) ages 13-14. Children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of ASSE employees may not enter.

2. The poster drawing must relate to the theme ‘Safety-on-the-Job’ and should illustrate an example of safety at work. As you know, the description of the workplace is wide-ranging -- it can be at an office, a manufacturing plant, on the road, in a plane, on a train, a ship, a dock, at home, on the football field, a store, fire or police department, construction sites, state capitols, parks, pools, schools, etc. Encourage your children to be creative.

3. The finished poster must be no larger than 11" x 14". Designs should be submitted on quality poster illustration board or heavy paper. Crayons, magic markers or color pencils only should be used. Those larger than 11” x 14” will be disqualified.

4. Only one entry per child will be allowed. Parents/sponsors are limited to verbal assistance only. All drawings must be an individual effort and be free-hand originals. No traced pictures please.

5. Each poster must have the contestants name, age, address, telephone number, family e-mail address, and sponsoring ASSE member name and member number clearly printed on the entry form and attached to the back of the poster to be eligible. Also, add the name of the school they attend and their hobbies.

6. All entries MUST be postmarked by Saturday, February 14, 2009. All entries become the property of ASSE once submitted. Send posters to:

          ASSE/NAOSH Kids' ‘Safety-on-the-Job' Poster Contest
          ASSE Public Relations Department
          1800 E. Oakton Street, Des Plaines, IL 60018

7. Criteria for judging---creativity and how well the poster expresses the contest theme ‘Safety-on-the-Job.’

8. Winning posters will be announced in March 2009. A panel of independent judges will choose the winners.

9. Prizes will be awarded to each winner. The first place winner in each age group will receive a $1,000 savings bond, the second place winners receive a $500 savings bond and the third and fourth place winners each receive a $200 savings bond for U.S. entries. International winners will receive a comparable prize. All entrants receive a small prize.

10. All poster contest winners, entrants and their families and ASSE members are invited to attend the ASSE kids' 'Safety-on-the-Job' poster contest awards ceremony and reception to be held Monday, May 4 at the U.S. in Washington, D.C. Details and other NAOSH national kick-off activities for the poster contest entrants, their families, supporters and members will be announced in early 2009.

Visit ASSE’s website www.asse.org/naosh for the latest poster contest information, applications, sample posters, NAOSH activities and past winners.

If you have any questions please contact ASSE PR’s Pam Glinka at pglinka@asse.org or ASSE Customer Service at 847-699-2929, CustomerService@asse.org.