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New Edition of Large Truck Crash Facts Available Online

The latest edition of Large Truck Crash Facts (including calendar year 2005 crash data) is now available and has been uploaded to the FMCSA website. The annual 56-page report contains 57 tables and 8 figures presenting large truck crash data from 2005 - the latest year for which complete data are available - and year-to-year data extending back to 1975. Data are presented in sections on trends, crashes, vehicles, and people, and includes five tables breaking down fatal crashes by State. Trends in passenger vehicle crashes over the same period are included for comparison purposes. You may obtain the electronic version of this report here.

What is the Safety Profession?

NAOSH Letter to Your Local Editor

State Traffic Fatalities/By Type of Road

State Traffic Fatalities/By Age

Mass Transit Safety -- For Customers and Employees

April 2007 President's Message on NAOSH Week, from Professional Safety Magazine (PDF)

Important NAOSH Transportation Stats - Crashes Cost Us $230.6 billion each year / Many Drivers Involved in Fatal Crashes Had Prior Records

National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries in 2005

BLS 2005 Workplace Injuries and Illnessess Summary

2005 Stats Show Major Increase in Truck Driver Deaths From Crashes

Transportation Accidents Leading Cause of Death for Virginia Workers

Providing Secure Truck Operations Article - PDF Format

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Michigan Employers' Poll: No Time for Workplace Safety Education

Occupational Safety & Health Positively Impacts the Bottom Line

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PowerPoint Presentation - Safety First! What Teens Should Know About How to be Safe at Work.

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American Society of Safety Engineers Proclamation for North American Occupational Safety and Health Week 2007 and Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day, May 9, 2007