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Each year, ASSE offers employers and co-workers the opportunity to recognize the outstanding efforts of their occupational safety health and environmental professional through our "Salute your Safety Professional" initiative.

If you would like to submit names and photos of your SH&E Professionals, we will pay tribute to them below. Click here to complete the online form.

2013 Salutes Archive

2014 Salutes

Exelis ESH Team

Exelis ESH Team

Title: Exelis ESH Team

Organization: Exelis ESH

City/State: McClean, VA

Exelis is committed to providing safe and secure workplaces. Our core accident elimination program ?Accept Only Zero? recognizes that while accidents will occur they are never acceptable. It emphasizes our commitment to an incident free workplace. Under our AOZ program; Responsibilities are defined, communicated and measured Employees are empowered and expected to address hazards and to participate in safety programs.

Every incident is assessed to determine root cause and to identify appropriate actions to prevent recurrence.

This AOZ philosophy is employed throughout the ESH program to always ensure we focus on eliminating hazards. At Exelis we recognize that success will only be achieved with support and commitment from every employee. Our focus is on providing a process and tools to ensure we all take responsibility for our co-workers, customers and communities where we operate.

Lyle Gurley

Lyle Gurley

Title: EH&S Director

Organization: Clancy & Theys Construction

City/State: Raleigh, NC

Comments: Lyle is a great leader and an outstanding Director of our safety program! Thank you for everything you do, Lyle!

Patrick Hill

Patrick Hill

Title: Manager of Quality Assurance

Organization: Alexander & Schmidt

City/State: Yarmouth, ME

Comments: Pat manages our QA Dept., which processes over 25,000 risk assessment reports annually. He is also the author of "Defining Risk Assessment" used as a textbook at our Insurer's Loss Control Institute, which he facilitates.