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The mission of NAOSH Week is to increase awareness of the importance of occupational safety and health to workers around the world.

Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day

What Can Your Chapter Do for NAOSH Week?

  • Put NAOSH Week on the agenda for an upcoming Chapter meeting.
    • If possible, show ASSE’s NAOSH Week video to those in attendance.
    • Discuss chapter NAOSH Week initiatives – provide details on the purpose behind NAOSH Week and the dates of this year’s event. Encourage members to get involved in your planned activities.
  • Hold an event for NAOSH Week or OSHP Day.
    • Host a panel of business executives at your May meeting to talk about the safety professionals in their organization and highlight the value they bring. Chapters can also encourage members to ask their bosses to attend the meeting with them.
    • Hold a safety open house for the community at a member’s place of employment, inviting suppliers, local community leaders, clients, colleagues and their families.
    • Give a safety demonstration in your community (a local library, school or park district), or at work.
  • Promote NAOSH Week on your chapter website, including providing a link to the NAOSH Week website and poster and calendar ordering information.
  • Create a NAOSH Week 2014 proclamation – please see side menu for more information.

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ASSE Public Relations Manager
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