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100 years


American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Timeline for the development of a voluntary consensus standard:

  • A Committee or Secretariat is formed
  • A draft standard is created
  • The draft standard is reviewed
  • If the draft standard fails the initial review, the committee reviews and re-writes the document and resubmits to the full committee
  • If draft standard passes, all comments (both negative and positive) must be reviewed before moving to re-circulation*
  • If comments offer substantial changes to the document, then only those affected sections can be re-balloted
  • After comments have been resolved, committee moves to the re-circulation period.
  • Secretariat sends the draft to public review**
  • After all comments (both positive and negative) are reviewed and responded to, the secretariat will send the draft to the ANSI Board of Standards Review (BSR) for final submission.
  • Once standard is approved, ASSE releases the Finished ANSI Standard
  • The standard becomes effective as a national consensus standard at a named effective date.

*Re-circulation: Re-circulation is the final opportunity to review the documents (draft standard) before it goes to public review. Furthermore, re-circulation is not a ballot, there is no vote; however, one may want to comment on a contentious issue.
**Public Review: This refers to a period of time in which publicly interested organizations or individuals can review the document before it is sent to ANSI for approval.

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