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EU-OSHA Publishes Visual Tool on Aging Workforce

Nearly 27% of the EU population is expected to be over age 65 by 2040. To help understand OSH issues in the context of the aging workforce, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) carried out a 3-year project, “Safer and Healthier Work at Any Age,” to examine the safety and health of older workers and identify ways to ensure sustainable work.

01/27/2017 2:00 PM

5 Steps to Effective Injury Management

Companies that work aggressively to provide the right treatment at the right time following an injury-producing incident have lower injury costs, fewer recordables and workers' compensation cases, and more engaged, successful employees.

01/26/2017 6:14 PM

NPR, NIOSH Investigations Reveal Scope of Black Lung Disease is Bigger than Reported

The surge of black lung disease’s most progressive form, Progressive Massive Fibrosis (PMF), is significantly larger than what federal regulators report, two new investigations have found.

01/26/2017 3:22 PM

Shortened Workdays Bring Health, Happiness & Costs, Swedish Experiment Says

Sweden’s 2-year experiment for a 6-hour workday came to an end earlier this month with workers happy and pockets empty. The experiment was funded by the Swedish government to learn whether a shorter workday without payouts can boost productivity.

01/24/2017 5:00 PM

ASSE RegBrief Examines OSHA's Walking/Working Surfaces Rule

In latest ASSE's RegBrief, Adele Abrams, the Society's federal representative, reviews key changes made in OSHA's walking and working surfaces rule, shares key compliance dates and highlights other standards affected by the changes.

01/24/2017 1:49 PM

Trump Administration Freezes Regulations Pending Review

In an e-mail on Jan. 25, 2017, Bruce Lundegren, assistant chief counsel from the Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy, advised small business representatives about the Trump administration's "Regulatory Freeze Pending Review” memorandum, which was issued to heads of executive departments and agencies on Jan. 20. The memorandum "is designed to ensure that the President's appointees or designees have the opportunity to review any new or pending regulations."

01/18/2017 2:00 PM

Solving Slips, Trips & Falls

Slips, trips and falls are a constant concern in many work environments. BLS reports that falls, slips and trips accounted for 27% (309,060 cases) of the total occupational injuries and illnesses in 2015, with falls on the same level being a leading type of event or exposure. In its Solving Slips, Trips & Falls Guide, ASSE Diamond Sponsor SafeStart reports that human factors, wet/slippery surfaces and housekeeping issues are the leading causes of slip/trip/fall incidents.

01/13/2017 2:00 PM

Incident Investigations: 15 Key Steps

Most every OSH professional has conducted an incident investigation. Here are 15 steps to follow to ensure a quality investigation.


ISO 45001: Anticipating March 2018 Publication Date

According to an article posted by The Auditor, the much-anticipated ISO 45001 standard on occupational health and safety management systems may not be published until March 2018. Read on to see the latest timeline for publication.

01/12/2017 2:00 PM

Protecting Convenience Store Employees Against Robbery

Convenience stores are a frequest target of robberies, putting store employees at increased risk of being injured or killed. The Kentucky Fatality Assessment Control Evaluation (FACE) program issued a hazard alert advising convenience store employers and employees on robbery safety.

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