Volunteer Opportunities

The American Society of Safety Engineers Needs You: Become a Volunteer!

ASSE is committed to providing its members with ongoing opportunities to network, develop or sharpen leadership skills and make significant contributions to the safety profession, the Society, and their community.  For these reasons, the Society organizes events, educational programs and continuously updates its body of knowledge.

ASSE strives to involve their members, not just serve them.  Whether you want to head a committee, join a working group or offer your skills as a speaker, we’ll give you the chance to turn from “member at large” into “volunteer extraordinaire.”  There are many opportunities for leadership and volunteer involvement that are available to you.  To learn more about these committees and to indicate your interest in one or more of these committees, use our Leadership Connection system.

ASSE is a member-driven organization that needs volunteers like you to help move the society towards its strategic goals.  In return for your time and your support, we promise you the rare chance to develop leadership skills and network with safety professionals across the globe that will benefit you both professionally and personally.

Why volunteer?  Here’s what the ASSE Volunteers have to say:

  • “I volunteer because I enjoy helping others and being part of something bigger.  Whether at church, in the community, or at ASSE there is a sense of accomplishment that comes with volunteering to help and then working to make a difference.  By volunteering I have grown personally and professionally.  I have greater confidence in my abilities, and feel that my ideas are valued.  I also get a great sense of accomplishment from the work.”

- Rick Pollock CSP; President, Comprehensive Loss Management Inc.

  • “I volunteer because everyone is so passionate about our profession and there are so many talented members.  It is our Chapter Members' motivation and passion to increase the awareness of our profession and to increase participation within our field that fuels my desire to contribute my time toward these goals.  Each role that I have held within ASSE in the Chapter and Region level has enabled me to continually develop my abilities as a safety professional.  ASSE provides a multi-faceted experience that is only achieved by volunteering your services in any capacity within the Society. My involvement as a volunteer has provided me with opportunities to learn.  This learning process develops my own professional abilities so that I can be the best for my employer and can give back to the employees that I am entrusted to protect.”

 - Maribeth Anderson; Sears Holdings Corporation

  • “My grandfather always said, ‘You get what you give!’  He has been so right. The Society has given me the tremendous opportunity to learn, practice and hone leadership skills that have proved useful both in my professional and personal life. Each and every volunteer opportunity has provided me with a new tool, friend or networking opportunity.”

 - Skipper Kendrick;  President, Kendrick Global Enterprises

  •  “I volunteer because I want the organization to be nothing less than excellent in promoting the field of safety and health for all of our members so that we can accomplish our mission of saving lives, reducing injuries, and improving health for all workers.  ASSE is an environment where good ideas and processes are embraced for everyone's benefit.  Participation is fully worth the extra effort on all our parts because we can give and receive a great deal from the experience and by working together in a productive environment, we can generate significant results that have positive outcomes for others.”

- Aaron Bird, Ph.D.;  Assistant Professor, Occupational Safety and Health Program, School of Health Sciences, Oakland University

  • “It is an incredibly rewarding experience; I am energized and motivated knowing that I am helping to promote the safety profession.    Volunteering is a great way to give something back to the organization and support your fellow safety professionals.”

 - John Principe; Dennison University

  • “Volunteering provides me with a way to give back to both the society and to my colleagues in the profession.  ASSE has done great things for our profession and for my university and our students.  The least I can do is serve the members!”

 - Wayne Jones Ed.D.; Department Chairman of Occupational Safety, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

The Society constantly seeks members to recommend for service on committees of the Board of Directors and Councils as well as within the various Chapters and Regions. Final appointment recommendations will be made annually in April, subject to Board of Directors approval. Terms will begin July 1st.


Note: Many Council/Board committees require Professional Member status.