Student Section Formation Kit

What is an ASSE Student Section?

The ASSE Student Section is designed for students who are pursuing a career in the safety, health and environmental OSH fields.  ASSE seeks to provide additional opportunities for students to learn more about their chosen areas of study, as well as promote interaction between students and safety professionals.

Student Section Qualifications

  • A Student Section may be formed at any accredited institution of higher education that offers a minimum of a two-year Associate degree in OSH or a minimum of a two-year Associate degree with courses offered in OSH.
  • Initial membership of ten (10) or more ASSE Student Members. 
  • Student Section must have a Faculty Advisor who is an active member of the Parent Chapter.

Reclassification of Student Membership

  • The Student Membership Classification may be retained up to one year following graduation
  • Or until the Student Member becomes employed full time in the safety profession, or one of its relevant specialties, whichever comes first.
  • To become a Member or Associate Member, the student pays the standard reclassification fee and completes a regular membership application, checking the box marked “Reclassification."

What is an ASSE Student Section?

The ASSE Student Section is designed for students who are pursuing a career in the safety, health and environmental OSH fields.  ASSE seeks to provide additional opportunities for students to learn more about their chosen areas of study, as well as promote interaction between students and safety professionals.

A Student Section may be formed at any accredited institution of higher education that offers a minimum of a two-year Associate degree in OSH or a minimum of a two-year Associate degree with courses offered in OSH.  Other requirements include an initial membership of ten (10) or more ASSE Student Members.

Responsibilities of Student Section Officers


  • Presides at meetings & convenes special meetings when necessary
  • Appoints committees
  • Assembles executive officer sessions when needed

Vice President:

  • Presides in the President’s absence
  • Responsible for planning and coordinating the Student Section’s programs for the year


  • Keeps all records and handles any official correspondence
  • Records minutes of all business meetings and executive officer sessions; minutes should be prepared and distributed to the student members and Faculty Advisor and filed for future reference
  • Maintains an updated membership roster to be submitted to ASSE Headquarters as appropriate


  • Responsible for recording all financial transactions made by the Student Section
  • Submits names and fees for membership to ASSE Headquarters

Committees (which may be appointed):

  • Program Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Special project chairs

Responsibilities of the Student Section to the Faculty Advisor

The Faculty Advisor and the Student Section Officers must work together often.  The Student Section Officers are responsible for the following:

  • Inform the Faculty Advisor, in advance, of meetings and social events
  • Inform the Faculty Advisor of any changes in meeting times or social functions
  • Plan meetings and programs with the Faculty Advisor
  • Inform the Faculty Advisor of any problems that may arise, whether with the members of the Student Section, ASSE Headquarters, the sponsoring Chapter, or at the university
  • Keep the Faculty Advisor informed of all issues pertinent to the Student Section
  • Provide the Faculty Advisor with meeting minutes and other documents
  • Provide the Faculty Advisor with a list of all Student Section Officers, including telephone numbers and addresses, for submission to ASSE Headquarters
  • Provide Faculty Advisor with list of student section members attendance sheet after every meeting
  • View the Faculty Advisor as a valuable resource in matters of university policy


Organizing an ASSE Student Section will provide hands-on and first-hand opportunities for interaction with safety professionals, tours, and in-depth discussions of topics that may not be discussed in a typical classroom.  The organization may be developed independently of the Parent Chapter or with the Parent Chapter, may cooperate in joint programs, or may use the Parent Chapter's influence/expertise.

The following are some suggested program ideas:

  • Obtain graduates of degree program or parent chapter members as speakers
  • Conduct a program on school time as part of the existing courses scheduled at that time
  • Have a short business session with longer time devoted to program discussion
  • Vary topics depending upon interest levels of students

The first meeting of the year, which will more than likely include several new student members, should cover the purpose of the Student Section, semester and/or year goals, available services, and the role of the safety professional in general, including required training and potential job opportunities.  All other meetings should be scheduled on a monthly basis.  Annual program planning is necessary and should be accomplished before the start of the next school year.

The regular meeting should include a business session as well as a program.  Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be followed.

The Student Section may want to investigate social and service activities.  Seasonal social events, banquets or get-acquainted parties may be effective means of recruiting new student members or highlighting special accomplishments of the Student Section.  Service activities can provide good publicity for the Student Section as well.

Student Member Benefits

Qualifications for Student Membership

Student Section Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to provide guidance for the Student Section operating under the auspices of the American Society of Safety Engineers.  Each Student Section is sponsored by an ASSE Chapter.  The Chapter then appoints a Faculty Advisor and a Student Section Chapter Liaison to assist the Student Section.  These guidelines are intended for use by the Student Section Faculty Advisor, the Chapter Liaison, and Student Section Officers.

ASSE Student Section Bylaws

Student Sections must develop, adopt, and function under a formal set of bylaws that govern their operations.  Bylaws set forth the name, purpose, membership requirements, structure, and leadership of the Student Section and also define the responsibilities and functions of officers and members.  Please note that the Student Section bylaws must be reviewed annually and revised/re-approved within the last two (2) years to qualify for the annual Outstanding Student Section Award (OSSA).

Student Section Structure

A Student Section is chartered upon the approval of a sponsoring ASSE Chapter Executive Committee and the Regional Operating Committee (ROC).

The organizational structure of ASSE Student Sections is quite similar to that of many others:  primary Student Section Officers consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  In addition, a Student Section Faculty Advisor must be a regular ASSE member.  The Faculty Advisor serves as the coordinator for the Student Section and must verify and sign all applications for ASSE student membership.

The Faculty Advisor

The key to a successful Student Section is the Faculty Advisor.  The Faculty Advisor must be a regular member of ASSE and strongly believe in the functions and goals of the Society.  The Advisor must be an active member of the sponsoring ASSE Chapter.

A Faculty Advisor should be assigned to the academic unit that offers the degree program that is intended to prepare students for the safety profession or one of its relevant specialties.  The sponsoring Chapter should work very closely with the Faculty Advisor.

Responsibilities of the Faculty Advisor

  • Provide continuity for the organization
  • Be aware of university policies and be able to interpret them
  • Know ASSE's basic philosophy and purpose
  • Attend regularly scheduled Student Section meetings and social events
  • Attend parent chapter meetings
  • Offer advice and suggestions to Student Section Officers
  • Meet with the Student Section Officers before regular meetings
  • Monitor the financial activities of the Student Section
  • Submit list of graduation ASSE student members to appropriate Chapter Secretary AND ASSE Headquarters
  • Be familiar with ASSE and the Student Section's bylaws
  • Sign social permits, speaker forms, and money-making forms
  • Encourage student members to participate in activities of the Student Section 
    and parent chapter
  • Help facilitate a fluid relationship between the Student Section and parent     
  • Suggest suitable projects for service
  • Help students develop leadership skills and grow professionally by offering opportunities to acquire greater knowledge and practical experience
  • Advise Student Section Officers and members on program planning

ASSE Services to Student Sections

ASSE Headquarters maintains a database of all Student Section members, manages Professional Safety paper subscriptions, and informs all student members, Faculty Advisors, Chapter Student Section Liaisons, and Chapter Presidents of newsworthy events involving student membership monthly through the ASSE Student Services Newsletter e-mail around the 15th of each month.

Key to Receiving Information is Updating YOUR information!
As ASSE student members are constantly moving and changing their e-mail addresses, ASSE can only get transmit newsworthy items to its members if the appropriate contact information is on file.  At every student meeting, ask for e-mail and/or address changes and if any are received, please forward these updates to

Chapter Assistance to the Student Sections
Student Sections require the guidance and assistance of the sponsoring Parent Chapter to facilitate their success.  Some basic guidelines are provided as an aid to Chapter Officers in promoting and nurturing an active, viable ASSE Student Section.

Suggested guidelines for Chapter Officers working with Student Sections:

  • Choose Chapter members who are sincerely interested in the Student Section for the Student Section Liaison and Student Section Faculty Advisor positions
  • Furnish or assist in obtaining speakers for the Student Section monthly meetings, both managerial and technical
  • Invite student members to attend Chapter monthly meetings
  • Coordinate internship opportunities and provide safety mentors
  • Provide safety equipment and literature when possible
  • Plan tours of actual working environments
  • Publicize student activities in your Chapter newsletters
  • Establish a scholarship fund for student members
  • Allow student members to attend Chapter seminars at a reduced cost
  • Notify student members of job opportunities in companies related to or in OSH
  • Dedicate a regular Chapter meeting to recognize the Faculty Advisor and Student Section Liaison; invite all student members at reduced meal rates
  • Allow student members to sit in on ASP/CSP review courses conducted by the Chapter on a reduced or no-cost basis
  • Send Chapter newsletters to Student Section
  • Have Chapter members provide tutorial services
  • Sponsor student member(s) attendance at the ASSE Professional Development Conference or annual Future Safety Leaders Conference
  • Furnish the Student Section with a Chapter roster, complete with member names, company affiliation, and contact information
  • If there is more than one Student Section in the Chapter, Area or Region, encourage joint meetings.; a Chapter could possibly organize the meeting or host a one-day leadership or career program for Student Section members
  • Invite Student Section Officers to attend Chapter Executive Committee meetings

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