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ASSE Global Student Member Value and Benefits/India

  • Professional network of close to 35,000 safety professionals
    around the globe including 2,000 students. 
    • online via social media groups (LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter)
    • ASSE India Chapter was created on March 4, 2012 in the city of Chennai.  Since then, it has been growing rapidly and serving its members needs by organizing face-to-face and virtual meetings and seminars.  Getting engaged at the chapter level offers ASSE student members the chance to learn, develop and practice leadership skills.  Serving as a volunteer member of a committee, task force or board is a great way to practice leading by influence, to understand how to accomplish goals with limited resources, and to learn how to motivate and lead teams.  All of these skills are highly valued in today’s workplace.  
  • Professional Safety Journal
    Professional Safety is the industry premier monthly publication and it is available to India student members in electronic format on-line.  The journal keeps safety professionals on top of the latest trends, best practices around the globe, research, regulations and so much more.
  • Education/professional development opportunities
    • Professional Development Conference & Exposition (PDC) at discounted rate.  The annual industry-leading PDC provides professional presentations, panel discussions, technical tours and expert guidance.  It is also one of the best networking opportunities in the SH&E field globally.  In 2012 ASSE hosted more than 4,000 participants from 30 countries.
    • Monthly webinars FREE to student members (a value of $150 on average for one pre-recorded on-demand webinar). India student members have full access to ASSE live and on-demand webinars.
  • Practice Specialties  
    ASSEs’ 17 practice specialties allow students to gain access to information and safety practitioners in specific industries and areas of expertise (among available industries are: construction, engineering, healthcare, fire protection, oil and gas, public sector and many others).  These groups publish regular technical publications, sponsor focused programs and networking forums, and provide an outlet for sharing best practices.  Students can join one of these groups for FREE as an added benefit during the first year student membership with ASSE.  During this time, students can decide if a particular practice specialty suits their needs and aligns with their future professional interests.
  • Common Interest Groups
    ASSE student members can participate in common Interest Groups provided for networking and safety, health and environmental problem-solving in a different structure for $10 USD. Existing common interest groups relevant to India students include: Women in Safety Engineering (WISE) and Young Professionals in SH&E.
  • SH&E Body of Knowledge database
    The ASSE Body of Knowledge (the BOK) is the collected wisdom, experience, processes, and facts that both inform the profession and provide the solid foundation from which continuous improvements and innovative changes can occur.  The BOK builds upon the success of many resources, and makes them available in a searchable, interactive database.  It is an invaluable resource for doing research or writing student papers.  The BOK project is ongoing, and the Society is looking forward to members’ contributions.  Current student members receive full access to all BOK information.
  • Career Resources and Job Search
    The ASSE Career Resource Center offers tips and tricks for landing a job. The ASSE Nexsteps service lists available job postings.  This site also allows ASSE members who are looking for a job to post their resumes.
  • Member discounts on ASSE publications
    Student members are entitled to discounts on ASSE publications.
  • Grants and scholarships
    Many Scholarships are available to India students pursuing occupational safety, health and environment and closely related degrees both at the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Graduation Gift
    Upon graduation, students are upgraded to Member status for one year for FREE.