Member Spotlight: Daniel Osadiaye, CSMP


Daniel E. Osadiaye, CSMP, is a trainer and advisor for Talon Global Services Nigeria Limited, seconded to Chevron Nigeria Limited. He has more than 12 years' experience and holds a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. In 2000, Daniel earned certificates in operational excellence (regular certification with Chevron Nigeria Limited), NEBOSH International General Certificate, Certificate in Global Safety Management and Risk Assessment Certificate. He has extensive experience in incident investigation, risk management, safety operations and training. As a dedicated member for the steering committee, he has been involved in various training initiatives.

An ASSE member since 2010, Osadiaye has served ASSE's Nigeria Chapter in numerous roles: two-time chapter secretary (2012-13; 2015-16); chapter delegate (2013-14); chapter treasurer (2015-16); and chapter president-elect (2017-18). He is also Region IX Professional Development Chair and a volunteer peer advisor for the global region.

He also was secretary for the 2016 and 2017 Safety Summit and for the third and fourth Nigeria Chapter professional development conferences. Osadiaye was the first global member to attend the Leadership Conference in Chicago in 2015. Osadiaye received a certificate of recognition from Chevron Nigeria Limited in 2007 and 2009 for championing and diversity initiative and teamwork and was named a Diversity Ambassador in 2009 for managing and valuing diversity in the workplace. He was also on the Diversity Council board from 2010 to 2012.

Job Responsibilities

As HES advisor/trainer, Osadiaye's responsibilities include:

  • Ensure development, implementation and updating of HES programs, procedures and plans.
  • Ensure completion and validate results of HES risk assessments.
  • Conduct safety training (e.g., PTW, CSE basic fire training for employees and contractors).
  • Conduct regular HES inspection/audits/safety observations for contractors.
  • Inspect safety control of deep excavation (e.g., slopping, benching, safe ingress and egress)
  • Review contractors' HES plans and procedures and monitor to ensure implementation.
  • Evaluate contractors' key HES personnel and make recommendations to client for their approval.
  • Provide guidance and consultation on day-to-day HES issues.

Future Career Goals

"[I want to] obtain the CSP certification and develop an international reputation of safety excellence, while assisting other safety professionals in achieving their goals," he says.

Advice to Safety Professionals

"To advance in the occupational safety and health profession, you need to build a strong educational foundation in safety, and embrace the idea of continuous learning," Osadiaye says. "As safety leaders, we should always lead by example so that others will model our behaviors."


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