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Safety Matters

The ASSE Foundation exists to provide programs that advance the safety profession. We exist because safety matters – for workers, for families, and for the future of our world. As of 2012, the Foundation has awarded scholarships to more than 520 students and professional education grants to more than 150 working professionals. We are proud that our scholarship and grants program has awarded close to $1.35 million to deserving students and professionals. In addition, over the years we have awarded more than $400,000 through our research program.

The Foundation has grown immensely in the past ten years, and one of our greatest strengths has been that we know the importance of always looking ahead. Our profession is changing as rapidly as the world around us. Just as safety professionals need to be ready to take on the new challenges of a changing work place, those of us at the helm of the profession need to be prepared to guide the profession forward, to give back of ourselves and our resources. We need to insist that safety matters, both to uphold safety in today’s workplace and to ensure a safer workplace tomorrow.

You are involved in ASSE because you know that safety matters. You understand the significance of our profession, the consequences that come from ignoring safety, and you care enough to do something about it. The Safety Matters Fund is ideal for philanthropists who have a heart for all aspects of the Foundation’s work. It is our newest giving initiative, a program concerned with shoring up our profession for long-term growth and impact. Looking ahead, we envision a culture of safety upheld around the globe by a well-credentialed and highly educated workforce of professionals.

We will draw from the Safety Matters Fund to expand our programs, pledging to concentrate on three components that are crucial for the future of our profession: 1) A focus on promoting safety professionals as risk-assessment experts who play a key role in sustainability, rather than merely agents of compliance, 2) An investment in quality, ground-breaking research, and 3) A purposeful and targeted expansion of our workforce, taking into account the current trends of demography which show that by 2020, there will be thousands more EH&S jobs than trained EH&S professionals.

The global landscape is changing, and the ASSE Foundation wants to equip the profession with the tools to succeed. With your help, the Safety Matters Fund is prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow head-on. This is your chance to shape the profession! Join us as we stake out our place in the culture of safety, placing the safety profession at the crossroads of healthy workers and a flourishing environment. Because safety matters, and no one knows that better than you.