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Research Grant Program Request for Proposals

Application process now closed!

About the Program

The American Society of Safety Engineers Foundation (ASSEF) is pleased to announce a research grant to a safety & health researcher(s) to conduct applied research that would enhance management performance in reducing injuries and illness in the workplace.


One award up to $20,000 will be funded. (Please do not inflate the required budget with unwarranted expenses to reach the $20,000 award level).

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs should not exceed 7.5% of the total proposed amount. Specific scrutiny will be directed to administrative charges (direct or indirect) in excess of reasonable costs consistent with other expense components. Tuition for graduate assistants is not considered a warranted expense.

Research Goals

Determining and developing innovative methods or systems for advancing safety and health systems and methods that will assist safety and health professionals in mitigating risks of injury and illness in the workplace.

Research Topics

Submissions on the following topics are suggested. However, this will not limit other topics from being considered.

  • Effective interventions for prevention of traumatic injuries.

  • Criteria to measure risk control effectiveness.

  • "Proactive" incorporation of risk-control principles in early design of facilities, processes and management systems.

  • Personal protective equipment for emergency response, especially new technologies in assuring effective use of respirators.

  • Fall protection equipment anchorages based on research into acceptable solid anchorage systems.

  • Scaffolding mooring points based on new proven technologies for effective mooring points

  • Scaffolding supporting system integrity study based on weather, aging and maintenance frequency.

  • Foreign language issues impacting safety in workplaces and effective methods to minimize such impacts in different companies.

  • Effective programs or systems to effectively minimize backing accidents in mining and/or construction industries.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be evaluated by the degree to which the described activity meets the following criteria:

  • Application of one or more results derived from the study

  • Measurability of results/outcomes

  • Efficient use of resources

  • Well-defined target population

  • Transferability to other work environments

  • Validation process

  • Minimal use of surveys/questionnaires

  • Originality of proposal

  • Value of results of the research (use and/or application)

Application and Selection Process

Applications can be submitted electronically to or mailed to:

American Society of Safety Engineers
c/o Dennis Hudson, Director, Professional Affairs
1800 E. Oakton Street
Des Plaines, IL 60018

Selected applicant must be able to prepare and submit a paper suitable for publication in Professional Safety within three months of the completed project. All applications become the property of ASSEF. The decisions of the Research Committee are final.

Acknowledgement of Awards

Information on the award winner will be disseminated via ASSE and ASSEF publications.

For Further Information

Contact Dennis Hudson, at