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Research Grants & Results

Through the Foundation's proactive approach to research, it is emerging as a major player in national safety and health research.

Research studies funded by the ASSE Foundation include:

The Effects of Restricting Space

Grady T. Holman, Troy Blackburn and S. Maghsoodloo

Employee Morale; Examining the Link to Occupational Safety & Health

Michael Behm

The Effects of Social Modeling on Safety Behavior

Lauren Murphy

A Survey of Corporate Financial Decision Makers' Perceptions of Safety Performance, Programs & Personnel

DeArmond, Huang & Chen

Transitioning Sloped Surfaces: The Effects of Roofing Work on Balance & Falls

Lloyd "Chip" Wade and Jerry Davis - Auburn University

Glove Use and the Relative Risk of Acute Hand Injury: A Case-Crossover Study

Sorock, Lombardi, Peng, Hauser, Eisen, Herrick, Mittleman

Using Narrative Text & Coded Data to Develop Hazard Scenarios for Occupational Injury Interventions

Lincoln, Sorock, Courtney, Wellman, Smith, Amoroso

Impact Performance of Polycarbonate Lenses for Industry and Sport

Paul Vinger, M.D. - Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston

Stress Factors Experienced by Women in Non-Traditional Occupations: Female Commercial Drivers in the Transportation Industry

Tracey Bernard, Ph.D and Linda Bouck, Ed.D - Murray State University

How to Cope with Terrorism in the Schools

Daniel E. Della-Giustina, Ph.D. - West Virginia University

Assessment of Ergonomic Risk Factors among Operators of Heavy Earth Moving Machinery

N. Kumar Kittusamy - Marshall University

Critical Characteristics for Successful Construction Safety: A Study of the Culture within Outstanding Construction Companies

Keith Molenaar, Ph.D. - University of Colorado

Effectiveness of Safety Incentive Programs in Construction

Paul Goodrum, P.E., Ph.D. - University of Kentucky

Getting a Grip on Grip Force Estimates

Jeffrey S. Casey, Raymond W. McGorry & Patrick G. Dempsey

Impact of Maintenance Function on Plant Safety

Ray, Batson, Weems, Wan, Sorock, Matz, Cotnam