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Next Generation Board Application

    I. Demography

  1. II. Structure & Preferences

  2. While the Next Generation Board members will be expected to work together as a team, each Next Generation Board member will be given a specific area of responsibility. Each member will have ownership over an event, an aspect of the Foundation’s programs, or governance of the Next Generation Board itself.

    In the early stages of the Next Generation Board, the duties of each role will not yet be clearly delineated and so, both collectively and individually, Next Generation Board members will have the freedom to figure out what work most needs to be done and how it will get done. You will have real ownership of the structure and governance of this Next Generation Board.

    Tentative roles/responsibilities include: chair, vice chair, secretary, social media, Safety Matters Fund, scholarships & grants, silent auction, and golf outing.

    Take a look at our website and read up on our different funds, programs and events. For example, if you don’t know what the Safety Matters Fund is, you should. Please indicate below your top three choices for which position you would be interested in holding, and why you feel you would be a good fit for that position. If there is a position not listed that you think would benefit the Next Generation Board, feel free to include that as one of your choices, providing a clear explanation of the nature and duties of that position.

  3. III. Short Answer