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Why Give?

The reasons people give to the American Society of Safety Engineers Foundation are as numerous and diverse as the donors themselves. Whether it's one inspired moment, or a long held desire to give back to the cause of occupational safety and the safety profession, one thing is certain, your generosity is a measure of your success.

ASSE is the oldest society of occupational safety, health and environmental professionals. It has been protecting people, property and the environment since 1911. Gifts to the ASSE Foundation support the people and programs that make the safety profession flourish.

Leave a legacy...

Make your mark on the future of the safety profession through scholarships, research, professional development grants, fellowships, accreditation support programs and other endowment naming opportunities. Because your gift can be directed to a fund of your choice, you remain an integral part of the Foundation's programs. Through a planned gift, you can endow your annual support and perpetuate your values well beyond your own lifetime.

Receive tax benefits...

Making a planned gift - unlike other charitable giving - does not mean you and your family members will have less income to spend on the necessities or extras of life. A planned gift makes it possible for you to be economical and generous at the same time.

Giving can positively impact your tax situation. Planned giving insures a base of support for the ASSE Foundation's future and can be an easy method of making a significant gift. Estate planning allows donors to make contributions to the Foundation program of their choice while possibly receiving tax benefits at the same time. A simple bequest can influence the ASSE Foundation today and tomorrow.

Be recognized...

Recognizing your generosity and thoughtfulness is a function of the Legacy Trust Program. With your approval, your name may be publicized in our newsletter, website and during the general session of the ASSE annual professional development conference. You will be a member of a very elite group that not only believes in the future of the profession, but has demonstrated leadership by example.

Request Information about the Legacy Trust

Contact Mary Goranson by email or phone at 847-768-3412.