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Ways to Give


If you plan to make a charitable gift by will, please think it through carefully. Then, meet with your attorney to discuss and update your will. Tell your attorney exactly what you want to do. Be as clear as possible in describing what you want given and to whom.

Bequests can be "specific" where a named asset is given. Bequests may be general wherein the bequest is usually a gift of a stated sum of money. Bequests may be unrestricted or restricted and bequests can be in the nature of an endowment. There is a great flexibility to achieve your goals.

Let Us Know

We hope you'll tell us when you have named the ASSE Foundation in your will. We would very much like the opportunity to thank you for your generosity.

Your confidentiality will always be respected. At the same time, recognition of your gift can encourage others to the same. Whatever the case, we will honor your wishes because we appreciate your support immensely.

Life Insurance

Perhaps you would like to make a sizable contribution to the ASSE Foundation now to support its good works, but you're concerned about reducing the size of the estate you'll pass on to your family. The solution? Purchase life insurance.

Although the life insurance policy will need to be funded, either annually or by a lump sum, the income tax saving from your charitable gift may be enough to cover much of the premiums (depending upon your age, health and top-tax bracket).

Depending upon your tax situation, it may not be necessary for the amount of life insurance to equal the charitable gift. A smaller amount of insurance may be enough to restore your family's after-tax inheritance. If you are married, a second-to-die policy can offer the most coverage per premium dollar.

Request Information about the Legacy Trust

Contact Mary Goranson by email or phone at 847-768-3412.