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Amy Stewart Biography

A few significant life events have caused me to reconsider how I am “spent”. Perhaps after reading my story, you will also consider what you might do for the future…

Last summer, my life was fine as a CSP, and I took a vacation on my ‘Wing' and further defined what I am going to do with my death ? It was time to revise my will, while my mind is as sharp as it gets. I am writing this article to you, who may be considering the same. As a member of ASSE for 20+ years, life has developed beyond my wildest dreams. This safety career has created a family of friends and colleagues who encourage me and expand my mind. The intellectual capital of the safety profession is golden. The question is…how can I keep it going?

I hear acknowledgement of spouses, children and grandchildren who serve as the “rock” for many to excel in their professional careers. Kites fly best when they are grounded. My “family”, where I attribute a large degree of my safety excellence, is in the various networks of ASSE. It is this camaraderie that creates my “home base.” No matter how life presents itself, ASSE will be there providing a communication network for safety professionals like me. It was this feeling that motivated me to query the ASSE Foundation's Planned Giving Options.

So, last summer I contacted the Foundation to see how I might fit them into my will. I learned that they recently established a “Legacy Trust” program to show members how they can make a planned gift for the future while receiving and enjoying the recognition today.

My lawyer and I rewrote my will – done deal – last year. (I made this decision before the Legacy Trust Committee finalized their program). Chatting with fellow members of ASSE now and again, I am sure I am not the only person who has an interest in wise investments. By joining me, you may feel it too ---- the synergy of a virtual safety community always and forever. It makes perfect sense to me, and it is simple – just contact the ASSE Foundation. No need to specify the details of your will – just indicate that the ASSE Foundation is included in your estate plan.

This life/death decision gives me an extra jolt of energy and keeps my global perspective “to keep on keepin' on”. This piece is signed off with gratitude toward our future.

Yours in safety,

Amy Stewart, CSP
Professional Member
American Society of Safety Engineers
Transportation Practice Specialty Advisory Council
Risk Management/Insurance Practice Specialty
Central Ohio CoPS Chair