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The ASSE Foundation exists to provide programs that advance the safety profession.

Every year, we offer more than 70 scholarships and more than 20 professional education grants. The awards available vary from year to year, but overall the number has been growing steadily and, thanks to our generous donors, we expect that trend to continue.

Since the Foundation’s inception, the Foundation has awarded scholarships to more than 500 students and professional education grants to more than 125 working professionals. We are proud to report that our scholarship and grant program has awarded nearly $1.2 million to deserving students and professionals.

Since 2000, the Foundation has partnered with Liberty Mutual to award the Liberty Mutual Safety Research Fellowship, a four- to six-week research program at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety. This prestigious Fellowship is intended for graduate students, faculty members, and other researchers pursuing occupational safety and health research projects of their choice. Thanks to Liberty Mutual, we have awarded more than $150,000 through this program, which links safety professionals, industry needs, and quality research programs.

The Foundation accepts research proposals on a rolling basis, selecting proposals that match our research agenda of furthering the safety profession. To date, we’ve disbursed more than $235,000 through our research program, supporting high-quality projects on risk-assessment and applied safety research and working both with scholars and other research-based institutions, such as RAND.

In conjunction with Oregon State University, our PhD Fellowship is intended to cultivate future educators of occupational safety and health and to produce a thread of evidence-based research in the economic and financial analysis of safety-related programs and interventions.

Finally, the Foundation also offers funding for universities to improve their occupational safety and health programs by becoming accredited through ASAC/ABET. This helps ensure that future safety professionals will have access to a variety of high-quality safety programs as they prepare to be the safety professionals of tomorrow.

If you’re interested in any of our programs, use the links to the left to navigate through all the opportunities the ASSE Foundation provides.