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Scholarship and Professional Education Grant Frequently Asked Questions

Process & Online Platform

1. Where should I apply?
Our application is hosted here, along with information on our awards and eligibility. Create an account and get started.

2. When is the deadline for this application?
Deadline is December 1 by 11:30pm.  Your application must be 100% complete before submitting.  If any sections' completion bar is not reading 100% you will not be able to submit your application electronically.

3. Why I am having trouble viewing or accessing the site?
If you are having trouble viewing certain sections of the site, make sure that your pop-up blocker is off.  If you are using a computer that has high security settings you may have to adjust your settings.  In the browser go to your Internet Options and select Security.  Select the Trusted Site Zone.  This zone contains websites that you trust not to damage your computer or files.  You will need to add this site to the list of trusted sites before you attempt to log into the site.

2. I’ve completed my entire application but the system will not let me submit. Why?
Check to see if your recommender has submitted a letter of recommendation for you. If not, the system will not let you submit your application and you’ll have to wait until that portion of your application is complete.

3. Are there separate applications for your undergraduate and graduate scholarship programs?
No, we are using one combined application form. Please fill out the areas relevant to your status.

4. Can I print and fax or e-mail my application?
Your application must be submitted online, no exceptions.

5. Do I need to include an original transcript or will a copy suffice?
The official transcript must be uploaded with the application; a copy will not be acceptable.

6. If I want to apply for more than one scholarship/grant, do I need to fill out more than one application?
No, filling out one application will automatically direct your application toward consideration in all awards for which you are eligible.

7. If I am selected for an award, how will I be notified and when will I receive the funds?
Award recipients will be notified by phone or email on or around April 1. In addition, the award recipients' names will be posted on the ASSE Foundation website.

If you are selected to receive a scholarship, you can expect to receive a check by the end of May.

If you are selected to receive a professional education grant, your grant check will be issued once you provide the ASSE Foundation with a certificate of completion, receipt or proof that you attended the event/class/seminar in which you applied.

If you attended an ASSE event in which CEU's were received, please contact ASSE's customer service department at 847-699-2929 to obtain a transcript. Circle the items you applied for and submit to Adele Gabanski at or fax to 847-296-3769. For books or BCSP fees, a dated receipt will suffice. For a college class, please submit a transcript of the completed course. Please note – the Foundation will not reimburse for travel expenses. Regardless, all receipts should include a date, your name, an amount and the name of the program.

You will not be contacted if you are not selected for an award.

You can log into the application and check the status of your application at any time.

8. How do I give you official transcripts if my university does not provide a way to upload official transcripts electronically?
If your university does not provide a way to electronically upload official transcripts, then please order a copy for yourself, scan them into one file, and upload the pdf.

9. Are travel expenses (airfare, hotel and mileage) to a seminar or conference covered under your grant program?
No. At this time, they are not considered an eligible expense. Due to limited funding, travel expenses will not be considered for reimbursement. Only submit requests for registration fees or exam fees.


10. Most of our awards are for students majoring in occupational safety, health and the environment and closely related degrees. What do you consider "a closely- related degree" and can you provide me with some examples?
The core degrees would be those specifically in occupational safety, health, and environment, industrial hygiene or occupational health nursing. As you move out from there, you might find majors like engineering (industrial, environmental, etc.), other science degrees, perhaps business. In these cases, the applicant needs to make a strong case they are committed to safety through their completion of elective courses, personal statement, faculty recommendation, involvement with ASSE student chapter, work experience, etc.

11. How many hours do I need to complete to be eligible for the undergraduate programs?
You must have completed 60 semester hours (prior to the December 1 deadline) and be enrolled in at least 12 or more semester hours of a safety degree program (or closely related field) to be eligible for most of the undergraduate scholarships.

If you are a part-time student, you must be enrolled in at least 3-11 undergraduate level semester hours.

12. When must I graduate in order to be eligible for your undergraduate programs?
Students applying for ASSE Foundation undergraduate or graduate scholarships must graduate in May 2013 or later.

13. I am applying for a graduate scholarship. How many hours do I need in order to be eligible?
Full time students: You must be enrolled in nine (9) graduate level semester hours or more.

Part time students: You must be enrolled in at least 3-8 graduate level semester hours or more.

14. I am currently enrolled to begin a graduate program and have no GPA or transcript yet. What should I do?
Please submit your official enrollment in a safety-related graduate degree program. Make sure you have at least nine graduate credits "in progress". Also include your official transcripts from your undergraduate program.

15. Are your scholarships offered to non-US citizens?
All of our scholarships are available to non-U.S. citizens, except for the America Responds Memorial Scholarship, the UPS Diversity Scholarship and the Harry Taback 9/11 Memorial Scholarship.

16. I'm a senior in high school – am I eligible for any of your awards?
No, you must be enrolled in a safety degree program and have completed at least 60 undergraduate semester hours. Please check back with us in a few years. Get involved in an ASSE student chapter as soon as possible and start building your resume.

17. My grade point average is under the required criteria (3.0 for undergraduate and 3.5 for graduate). Would I still be eligible to apply for your awards?
No, you must meet the minimum grade point average requirements. (Example: a 2.98 GPA will not be rounded to a 3.0)

18. Do I need to be an ASSE member in order to be eligible for your scholarships and grants?
ASSE membership is preferred, but not required.

19. How do I apply for ASSE membership (student, regular or professional level)?
Visit the ASSE membership page.

20. If I already received a Foundation scholarship or professional education grant in previous years, am I eligible to apply again?
Students are eligible to receive subsequent scholarships. Professional education grant winners, however, are not eligible for subsequent awards due to a limited funding pool.

21. I am pursuing an associate degree in occupational safety & health or a closely related field. Am I eligible for your scholarship program?
You must be enrolled in at least 12 or more semester hours and have completed 24 semester hours toward your degree.