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The ASSE Foundation Announces Eastern Carolina University’s Michael Behm as Recipient of $20,000 Research Grant

Posted in on Wed, Apr 6, 2011

The American Society of Safety Engineers’ (ASSE) Foundation is pleased to announce that Michael Behm, PhD, CSP, has been awarded a $20,000 research grant for his project entitled, ‘Analyzing Trends in Occupational Safety Problem Solving.’  Behm’s project will address criteria to measure risk control effectiveness and will include a proactive incorporation of risk-control principals in early design of facilities, processes and management systems.

Behm is an Associate Professor of Occupational Safety at Eastern Carolina University and has been an active participant in research to further knowledge in the occupational safety, health and environmental field.  The objectives of Behm’s study are to evaluate whether recent national focuses on prevention through design and the use of the hierarchy of controls have caused a change in the way organizations are problem solving during incident investigation and analysis.  Overall, this study will contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of occupational safety and health and will provide insight into accident investigation and prevention through design.

The American Society of Safety Engineers Foundation, established by and in partnership with the American Society of Safety Engineers, generates funding and provides resources for scholarship, applied research, academic accreditation and related academic initiatives in order to advance the safety, health and environmental profession. For more information on the Foundation and its programs, visit

Founded in 1911, the Des Plaines, IL-based ASSE is the oldest professional safety organization and is committed to protecting people, property and the environment. Its more than 33,000 occupational safety, health and environmental professional members lead, manage, supervise, research and consult on safety, health, transportation and environmental issues in all industries, government, labor, health care and education.  For more information, please go to and

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