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Fourteen Safety Professionals Honored for Dedication to ASSE, Their Industry and the Safety and Health Profession

Posted in , on Mon, Jun 18, 2012

DES PLAINES, IL (June 14, 2012) – Fourteen safety, health and environmental (SH&E) professionals
from around the globe were recently honored by the American Society of Safety
Engineers (ASSE) and Council on Practices and Standards (CoPS) for their
commitment to professional excellence, dedication to enhancing the safety field
and contributions to their individual practice specialties with the
distinguished Practice Specialty (PS) Safety Professional of the Year (SPY)
award. The following winners were recognized at Safety 2012, ASSE’s annual
Professional Development Conference (PDC), held June 3rd-6th
in Denver, CO.



Cynthia Garcia of Santa Monica, CA, the vice president and risk
manager for Morley Builders, is an active member of ASSE, and currently serves
as the Society’s Body of Knowledge (BoK) chair for the Construction Practice
Specialty Group, and is a member of ASSE’s Leadership Conference
Committee.  She has played a key role in
developing and furthering a culture where safety is a core value, and strives
to make Morley Builders an industry leader in safety performance. Under her
leadership, Morley has embraced an integrated project safety management
approach where everyone has clearly defined roles and responsibilities in
supporting the goal of an injury free workplace.  In addition, Garcia provides commentary and
posts responses on ASSE’s LinkedIn site in order to share with, and learn from
fellow safety professionals.


Carol Keyes, CSP, CRC, CCM of Woodbury, MN is one of the founding
partners of Complete Health, Environmental and Safety Sciences, Inc. (CHESS,
Inc.) which specializes in providing occupational safety services to smaller,
underserved companies in industries that include: manufacturing, automotive
repair and local municipalities. Her earlier contributions to the Consultants Practice
Specialty (CPS) include the assistant publications coordinator, and later the
publication’s coordinator position. She served in each role for two years.
Keyes is currently the website coordinator for CPS, and is actively involved in
redesigning the site, and keeping it up-to-date. In addition, Keyes has
promoted certification of safety professionals by helping to establish a
scholarship program in ASSE’s Northwest Chapter and working on the education
committee to provide Associate Safety Professional (ASP) and Certified Safety
Professional (CSP) study groups.

Marjory E. Anderson, CSP of Washington, DC has been a professional
member of the Engineering Practice Specialty (EPS) for three years, and has
served as a member of the EPS advisory board for four.  During this time she has been the EPS advisory
council awards and honors chair, and website coordinator, and coordinated the
development of a new EPS logo.  In
addition, Anderson organized a 2012 EPS networking event, and a nationwide
outreach to students. She has also served as a speaker at ASSE’s PDC in 2008,
2011 and 2012. Anderson who has dedicated 15 years to the field of safety and
health is the safety engineer for the Architect of the Capitol (AOC), which
serves as the builder and steward of many of the nation’s iconic landmarks
including the U.S. Capitol Building, the Capitol Visitor Center, the Supreme
Court and the Library of Congress.


Herbert Bell, CHMM, CSP, REA of Temecula, CA, is the President and
CEO of Invictus Environmental Safety Solutions, Inc., and has been a member of
ASSE’s Orange County Chapter since 1995. He became an active volunteer in the
Environmental Practice Specialty (Env PS) in 2009, serving as the website
development chair.  In addition, Bell
manages the Env PS publication EnviroMentor,
and has lead an initiative to publish student articles, which has given
members the opportunity to evaluate upcoming SH&E professional viewpoints
as they enter into the safety field.

Ronald Porter, PT, CEAS of Atlanta, GA has been a member of ASSE
since 1983, and a member of the Ergonomics Practice Specialty since its
earliest days. During this time he has been devoted to promoting the field and
to preventing occupational injury through ergonomic education. Porter has
presented at many Ergonomics Practice Specialty-sponsored sessions at ASSE’s
PDC over the years, including Safety 2012, where he spoke about “Winning
Ergonomics Strategies for Call Center Employees.” He has also spoken at several
ASSE chapter and regional events, including a June, 2011 free ergonomics
workshop hosted by the Central Florida Chapter as part of their Ergonomics
Alliance with OSHA.

Fire Protection

John A. Principe III, CSP, CHCM of Morgantown, WV is the Director
of Environmental Health and Safety at West Virginia University (WVU). As an
active member of ASSE’s Fire Protection Practice Specialty (FPPS) he is on its
advisory group. Principe currently serves as Lead, Campus Fire Safety
Initiative, and was the recorder at Safety 2012’s “Key Issue Roundtable #12:
Emergency Planning and Response,” sponsored by FPPS. In addition, Principe was instrumental
in ASSE’s involvement and attendance at the WVU Resident Assistant (RA) Fire
Academy, which was presented by the university’s safety department and the
Morgantown Fire Department, which enabled FPPS and ASSE’s Public Relations
department to showcase the efforts as part of the Society’s ongoing Campus
Safety Program.

Mark Shirley, MS, CSP, REA of San Francisco, CA is the Environment
of Care Manager at California Pacific Medical Center. He has served on the
advisory committee of the Healthcare Practice Specialty (HPS) since 2006, acting
as its administrator from 2008-2010. Over the years, Shirley has volunteered
for HPS in many other capacities, acting as the website coordinator, newsletter
editor, and assistant administrator. In addition, he has participated as an APS
representative on ASSE’s Globally Harmonized System (GHS) legislative review
committee, and was an HPS Virtual Symposium Presenter on “Respiratory
Protection” in October, 2010.


Industrial Hygiene

Victor D’Amato, CSP, CIH of Reston VA, has been a member of the
Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty (IHPS) since 1996, and is credited for
the ongoing success of their publication, The
of which he has been the
publication editor for the past two years. He has contributed his own article
to it each year since he took the reins. In addition, D’Amato served as a presenter
in the only IHPS-sponsored session at Safety 2012, and also facilitated their
Key Issues Roundtable.  With more than 22
years in the SH&E field, D’Amato has a diverse background in defense,
aerospace, construction, ship building and breaking, and biotechnology.  He currently serves as the Director at Atrium
Environmental Health and Safety Services, LLC.

Jitentra (Jitu) Patel, CPEA of Glendale, AZ initiated and assisted
in founding the first ASSE Middle East Chapter in 1982, and served in various
board positions including three times as its president.  In the years to follow, he became heavily
involved in assisting the Society’s Kuwait Chapter, and in 2012, he was a key
player in spearheading the successful launch of ASSE’s newest chapter in India.
In addition, Patel has spread the SH&E message around the world by sharing
his vast knowledge of the profession by teaching seminars organized by the
Middle East Chapter. Patel is an Emeritus Professional Member of ASSE and an
active advisor to the board of the International Practice Specialty (IPS).  He continues his efforts to establish
additional global ASSE chapters in countries around the world, most recently in


Maureen Johnson, CSP of South Burlington, VT, who has been a
member of ASSE since 1992, is celebrating her 30th anniversary with
IBM, where she serves as an Integrated Health Systems Program Manager.  During 2011, she took on the role of the
Management Practice Specialty’s Human Resources Branch Chair, and immediately
made a significant impact. The branch’s advisory committee became fully
staffed, membership grew and their publication was completed on time and always
contained useful information. In addition, Johnson was the driving force behind
a recent webinar, put on by the Human Resources Branch.

Vincent Scott, CSP of Stuttgart, AR has been a long time member
and advocate of ASSE, who has always looked for ways that he can be of service
to the Society. As one of the earliest members, he is the publications coordinator
for the Manufacturing Practice Specialty. In this role he has successfully
gathered articles for the group’s publication, written articles and performed
all other required tasks as needed.  In addition, he has volunteered in his community, assisting charities in the
Birmingham, AL area with their safety programs, and helped businesses to
understand that they have employees who must be protected from workplace


Robert J. Blaylock, CSP of Gillette, WY has been a member of
ASSE’s Mining Practice Specialty (MPS) for three years, and for the past year
has served as its membership chair. Throughout his career, he has been actively engaged in front-line safety
training and has worked in the trenches of mining operations to enhance and build
a culture of safety awareness. Blaylock has trained and led award-winning mine
rescue teams who have not only performed well in competitions, but also have
used their skills to enhance safety and save lives in the workplace. In
addition, he has actively participated in safety initiatives and regulatory
committees with state and national industry associations including the Illinois
Coal Association, the Bituminous Coal operators Association and the National
Mining Association.

Risk Management/Insurance

Robert McEldowney, CHST of Kailua, HI has served as the Membership
Development Chair of ASSE’s Risk Management/Insurance (RM/I) Practice Specialty
for the past five years, and has been active with the group’s leadership
functions including on-site and telecom meetings. Over the years, he has also
facilitated RM/I Key Issues Round Table sessions at many ASSE PDCs.  McEldowney has more than 20 years of
experience in construction safety, risk control and insurance in Hawaii, and
currently provides safety and health management oversight for the $1.5 billion
Forest City/Navy Public Private Venture family housing project.


Brian Hammer, CDS, MS of Durant, IA is an active member of ASSE’s
Transportation Practice Specialty (TPS), serving as a member of the group’s
advisory committee. He served as a facilitator at Safety 2011, leading the
Transportation Roundtable on the impact of Compliance, Safety and
Accountability (CSA) 2010 standards on the transportation. In addition, Hammer
has taken on the role of LinkedIn Liaison, communicating with current and
prospective TPS members by answering questions and leading online conversations
about transportation safety issues, fleet safety and risk issues, and ASSE and
TPS membership. Hammer is also now coordinating the upcoming TPS Transportation
Safety Symposium.

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