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ASSE Kicks Off 100th Anniversary Celebrations, Approve New Programs

Posted in on Mon, Oct 18, 2010

Des Plaines, IL (October 18, 2010) — In addition to kicking off the yearlong 100th anniversary celebrations of the October 14, 1911, founding of the American Society of Safety Engineers’ (ASSE) at its annual Leadership Conference here last week, the ASSE Board of Directors approved several new programs.

The ASSE Board approved the establishment of an Ergonomics Practice Specialty (PS); approved the Philippines Chapter charter; approved the Certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN) designation be recognized as an eligible accredited certification for ASSE’s professional membership category; and, approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals (NISP) and ASSE to be signed in the near future.

“I remember a few years ago when I was the administrator of the construction practice specialty there were only about seven practice specialties or divisions as they were called,” ASSE President Darryl C. Hill, Ph.D., CSP, said during the board meeting after the new ergonomics practice specialty was approved. “Now we have 17. This is truly a testament that the profession and ASSE is growing. It also shows that our ASSE members are very much committed to learning more and sharing information about their profession.”

Since the Ergonomics PS began three years ago as a PS Branch, it has grown immensely and has sponsored six concurrent sessions at the ASSE annual professional development conference and publishes ergonomic tips and newsletters for members with technical updates.

By approving the formation of the ASSE Philippines chapter, ASSE moves further into expanding its global reach and continuing to move occupational safety, health and the environment (SH&E) and the SH&E profession forward.

The COHN designation joins 11 other designations eligible for the Society’s professional membership which are: Professional Engineer (PE), Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Certified Occupational Health Nurse-Specialist (COHN-S), Certified Health Physicist (CHP), Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM), Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP), Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (CPEA), Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS), IOSH Chartered Member (CMIOSH) and IOSH Chartered Fellow (CFIOSH).

ASSE, based in Des Plaines, IL, was founded in NY City on October 14, 1911, following the tragic March 25, 1911, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in NY City that killed 146 women and men unable to escape the fire due to locked doors and no fire safety equipment. Soon after, workplace safety rules and regulations were developed and implemented countrywide. Today, ASSE has more than 32,000 occupational safety, health and environmental professional members located worldwide committed to protecting people, property and the environment. Please go to for more information.

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