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PHMSA Advisory Bulletin on Preparing Oil Spill Facility Response Plans

Posted in on Fri, Jan 31, 2014

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has issued an Advisory Bulletin to remind all onshore oil pipeline operators of the circumstances of the Marshall, Michigan, pipeline accident and the need to update FRPs every five years from the date of last submission or the last approval according to its significant and substantial designation.  PHMSA states that plans must also be updated whenever new or different operating conditions would affect the implementation of a response plan and that operators should utilize Appendix A Part 194–Guidelines for the Preparation of Response Plans and submit them electronically to PHMSA.  This bulletin also notifies that FRPs found to meet the requirements of PHMSA’s regulations at Part 194 will be posted on PHMSA’s Web site for public viewing and that PHMSA will redact certain information, such as personally identifiable information and certain security related information.  This document also alerts operators and their plan submitters to common errors in plans that require amendment prior to PHMSA’s issuance of approval.  Finally, PHMSA encourages onshore oil pipeline operators to consider replacing incorporations by reference in their FRPs with a summary of referenced material or a copy of the full document.  www.­gpo.­gov/­fdsys/­pkg/­FR-­2014-­01-­28/­html/­2014-­01515.­htm

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