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NIOSH Resources on Integrating Workplace Safety and Health and Individual Health

Posted in on Thu, May 31, 2012

From L. Casey Chosewood, MD , Senior Medical Officer and Anita L. Schill, PhD, MPH, MA, Senior Science Advisor, of NIOSH’s Total Worker Health Program –

On behalf of the NIOSH Total Worker HealthTM Program, we are excited to inform you of the recent publication, The Research Compendium: The NIOSH Total Worker HealthTM Program: Seminal Research Papers 2012.  It is now available electronically on the Total Worker HealthTM Program Page and at:  As many of you are aware, the document is a compilation of three commissioned papers from a 2004 NIOSH-sponsored conference, Steps to a Healthier Workforce Symposium.  The papers established the rationale for expanding research on the benefits of integrated programs to improve the health of workers and workplaces. They are widely cited and are considered seminal writings on the science and practice of integrating health protection and health promotion. In the seven years that have elapsed, interest in integrated approaches to worker health and safety has mush­roomed.  The document will also soon be available in print in limited copies in print.

Would you help us in spreading the word about the availability of this publication to researchers, practitioners and employers by disseminating this document through your various communication channels (i.e. newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that have the potential to broadly reach these audiences? In June 2012, we are planning to launch document through NIOSH eNews and the NIOSH Science Blog (with Glorian Sorensen, Seth Seabury and Ron Goetzel as invited guest bloggers). We encourage you to comment about the document on the blog in June. The document and the posting in the NIOSH Science Blog will also be featured in the July 2012 TWHTM in Action! quarterly eNewsletter, which present another opportunity for re-posting.

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