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Maryland Bills to Require Contractor Safety Prequalification Backed by ASSE

Posted in on Mon, Feb 24, 2014

ASSE, on behalf of its members in Maryland, supported bills in the Senate and House of Delegates to require the Maryland Department of Labor to develop and adopt a safety questionnaire and a safety rating system for use by the state’s public sector employers determine if bidders on public sector construction projects are committed to workplace safety and health.  “The importance of prequalification of contractors and subcontractors in managing the safety and health of workers on construction sites is widely understood by ASSE’s members and is an assumed best practice among the best construction employers,” ASSE President Kathy Seabrook said.  Letters expressing support went to sponsors Senator Karen Montgomery and Delegate Brian McHale.  Chairs of the Senate Finance Committee and House Economic Matters Committee were urged to adopt the legislation in their committees.

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