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Posted in on Tue, Jun 18, 2013

Worker Safety and Health at Department of Energy Sites, GAO-13-497R, May 29

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Lobbying Policies and Monitoring for Program to Reduce Obesity and Tobacco Use. GAO-13-477R, April 30.

USDA’s Implementation of New State-Delegated Meat Inspection Program Addresses Most Key Farm Bill Requirements, but Additional Action Needed. GAO-13-332R, May 30.

FAA Oversight of Procedures and Technologies to Prevent and Mitigate the Effects of Dense, Continuous Smoke in the Cockpit. GAO-13-551R, June 4.

Chemical Assessments: An Agencywide Strategy May Help EPA Address Unmet Needs for Integrated Risk Information System Assessments, GAO-13-369, May 10

Chemical Regulation: Observations on the Toxic Substances Control Act and EPA Implementation, GAO-13-696T, June 13

Transportation Infrastructure: Limited Improvement in Bridge Conditions over the Past Decade, but Financial Challenges Remain, GAO-13-713T, June 13

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