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Electronic Reporting of Injury and Illness Data Proposed by OSHA

Posted in on Fri, Nov 8, 2013

In a November 7 teleconference for news media and leading stakeholders, OSHA announced a proposed rule to amend its recordkeeping standards to require employers to submit electronically the injury and illness data OSHA already requires them to keep.  The proposal was published the next day.  Under the proposal, employers with more than 250 employees would be required to submit records quarterly to OSHA.  Employers with between 250 and 20 employees in certain industries with high injury and illness rates would submit annual summaries.  Of interest:

  • Audio of the teleconference.  Former Alcoa Chairman Paul O’Neill joined Assistant Secretary Michaels and expressed his support for the proposal based on the importance of a system for reporting injuries throughout the Alcoa organization in achieving Alcoa’s high level of safety.
  • Assistant Secretary Michael’s official remarks on the teleconference.
  • OSHA’s press release.

A 90-day comment period ends February 6, 2014.  OSHA will hold a public meeting on January 9 in Washington, D.C.

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