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Department of Labor Issues Semiannual Agenda of Regulations

Posted in on Mon, Aug 12, 2013

OSHA has published its required Regulatory Plan, a subset of its regulatory agenda, which lays out the regulatory priorities and the regulatory actions the Department wants to highlight as its most important and significant.  The plan can be found at   Below are the actions OSHA is expected to move forward this year and the next step for each action

Prerule Stage

Bloodborne Pathogens – End Review and Issue Findings: 10/00/1

Definition and Requirements for a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory – Request for Information:  12/00/13

Proposed Rule Stage

Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica – NPRM: 07/00/13

Occupational Exposure to Beryllium – NPRM:  10/00/13

Final Rule Stage

Confined Spaces in Construction – Final Rule:  12/00/13

Electric Power Transmission and Distribution; Electrical Protective Equipment – Final Rule: 07/00/13

Long-Term Actions

Occupational Exposure to Food Flavorings Containing Diacetyl and Diacetyl Substitutes – Next Action Undetermined

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