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ASSE Signals Opposition to Reported California Effort to Corner PEL Work for CIHs

Posted in on Wed, Jan 18, 2012

On behalf of its nearly 3,000 members in California, ASSE sent a letter to the sponsor of state legislation that has been reported will be used by the California Industrial Hygiene Council (CIHC) to ensure that only CIHs would be able to supervise or direct the monitoring of control methods for PELs in California workplaces.  Since CIHs are not uniquely qualified to do such work, ASSE said it would oppose the CIHC’s effort.  ASSE’s members have earned CSPs, CIHs, CHMMs and a wide variety of professional designations.  As a result, ASSE is committed to ensuring that any one occupational safety and health designation is not inappropriately given an unfair competitive advantage through legislation or regulations.

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ASSE is committed to ensuring that any decision by federal or state government impacting the safety, health and environment of the workplace is based on good science and sound technology.

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