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ASSE Protects SH&E Level Playing Field on Mold in Arkansas and Maryland

Posted in on Sat, Mar 30, 2002

In Arkansas and Maryland, ASSE is taking a stand for all SH&E professionals by opposing legislation that would inappropriately give preference to one SH&E designation in dealing with possible risks associated with mold.  In Arkansas, an ASSE letter objects to a bill that has already passed the House.  In Maryland, an ASSE letter states for the record our Maryland members’ opposition to a bill even though the bill has already failed.

To be clear, ASSE does not oppose CIHs doing mold work.  What ASSE has consistently objected to over the years are any efforts intended to keep SH&E professionals who may have the experience and training to assess and address mold risks from doing that work.  ASSE members agree that nothing in the CIH designation itself determines a unique ability to deal with mold risks.  Given ASSE’s wide-ranging membership that includes CIHs, CSPs, CHMMs and every other SH&E designation – as well as members working towards such designations – it is ASSE’s purpose to protect and promote a level playing field among SH&E professionals.  ASSE does not seek competitive advantages for any one group of SH&E professionals over other SH&E professionals when such an advantage is not based in professional training and experience.

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