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ASSE Opposes Sanitarian Bill in Michigan

Posted in on Tue, Aug 17, 2010

ASSE members in Michigan are working to make sure a bill that would license sanitarians in Michigan does not keep them from practicing as safety, health and environmental professionals in that state.  The bill, perhaps unintentionally, would require anyone doing occupational safety and health and most environmental work to be a sanitarian.  Letters to the House sponsor of HB 6205 and Senate sponsors of SB 1407 have been sent by ASSE.  Michigan members also have been contacting their state representatives about the bill, as an ASSE GA email blast encouraged them to do.  Most importantly, on August 28, Steve Monet, Pat Fisher and Drake Drobnick took the time to meet with the key House staffer at the capitol in Lansing who told them similar opposition is coming from other sectors, including business and state agencies.  The sponsor now recognizes the bill’s unanticipated consequences and is taking steps to draft a new bill limited to sanitarians’ public health scope of practice, which will be shared with ASSE and other stakeholders for comment.

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