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ASSE Opposes OSHA Proposed Changes in Consultation Program

Posted in on Mon, Nov 1, 2010

Citing its past work with OSHA and OSHA’s efforts to address recognized difficulties in getting small businesses to commit to workplace safety and health, ASSE opposed proposed changes to its consultation program making it easier for OSHA to inspect small employers engaged in consultation but make small employers even more fearful to use OSHA’s consultative services.  In a comment to the Proposed Rule Consultation Agreements:  Proposed Changes to Consultation Procedures, ASSE said, “OSHA is not doing all that it can to advance safety if, along with fulfilling its duty to enforce its standards, the agency is not also educating, working with, and encouraging employers to understand the value of safety and health for their employee’s well being and their company’s economic viability.” The proposed changes include

  • Creating a very broad exception to SHARP participants’ exemption from inspections for “other critical inspections as determined by the Assistant Secretary.”
  • Expanding the reasons OSHA can terminate in-progress onsite consultative visits to include referrals.
  • Limiting small employers’ exemption from programmed inspection from “not less than one year” to one year and limiting additional exemptions to one additional year.

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