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ASSE Backs Effort to Save Independent Safety Consultant Lawsuit Immunity under Illinois Workers’ Comp Law

Posted in on Fri, May 16, 2014

On behalf of its member independent safety consultants in Illinois, ASSE has opposed a bill (SB 3287) in both the Illinois Senate and House that aims to strip unfairly their current immunity from lawsuits under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act but continue to protect insurers and companies who provide the same safety services.  ASSE opposed the bill because it would unfairly limit independent business person’s ability to make a living, make it much more difficult for many Illinois companies to obtain safety consulting services, and go against well-founded public policy to encourage companies to address workplace safety.  An impressive group of more than 50 Illinois organizations and companies, led by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, are fighting the Illinois Trail Lawyers effort to pass this bill.

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