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Arizona ASSE Members Back Texting Ban Bill

Posted in on Fri, Mar 1, 2013

On behalf of its nearly 600 Arizona members, ASSE voiced support for a bill (SB1218) by Senator SteveFarley to prohibit text messaging while operating a motor vehicle in Arizona. While ASSE’s own policy position calls for a total ban on the use of electronic devices while driving, ASSE saw that SB 1218 could serve as a
significant first step for Arizona in addressing the deadly and, to the economy
of Arizona, expensive risk of distracted driving on the state’s highways.  Based
on Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Arizona Department of Transportation data, estimates can be made that 181 deaths and 10,901 injuries in Arizona could be linked to this risk in 2011. Likewise, the economic loss to the state from cell phone use on thet state’s highways can be estimated at $638 million in 2011.

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