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Vice President – Professional Development 


Thomas E. Kramer, P.E., CSP



Thomas E. Kramer, P.E., CSP, iis a managing principal for LJB Inc. in Dayton, OH. Thom has more than 20 years of experience and holds a B.S. and M.S. in Structural Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. In 2006, Thom earned an MBA from Miami University in Oxford, OH. 

An ASSE member since 2001, Thom serves ASSE in numerous roles.  Currently, Thom is on the Council on Professional Development and was the chair of the Professional Development Conference planning committee, a role he served for three years.  Before that, Thom served on the PDC committee since Safety 2007 and chaired the program subcommittee for three years.  Thom also serves on three ANSI/ASSE committees – Z359, Z117 and Z590.3.  He is the Vice-Chair for the committee and chairs two standards on the ANSI/ASSE Z359 committee – Z359.1 and Z359.17.  Finally, Thom serves as the president of the International Society for Fall Protection, and has helped plan symposiums for ISFP on three different continents since taking office in 2010. Thom has presented at ASSE chapters around the world and for other organizations within the safety profession.

Thom has twice received the Charles V. Culbertson Outstanding Volunteer Service Award, All-CoPS Safety Professional of the Year, Outstanding Engineer and Scientist award from the Affiliates Society Council and Safety Trainer of the year from Saxcies. Thom is active in his company’s Toastmasters Club and is a facilitator for LJB University.  On a personal note, Thom is supported by his wife, Tracey, and two sons, Trevor and Tanner.

Platform Statement

Professional development impacts every member of ASSE. Although it is an ambitious goal, we can create a plan to reach every existing and prospective member.  We need to reach them where they are and give the member new and different ways to consume the wonderful knowledge that ASSE has available and is continually creating.  The key to reaching every member is through a technique you may have observed in your child’s classroom, a university setting or a recent training class – differentiation, also called differentiated learning.

There are many reasons we need differentiated learning, including our members’ ability to invest in the learning, their existing knowledge, skills and abilities, their motivations towards professional development, personal interest, as well as many other factors.  Related to this, as ASSE becomes a more global organization, culture is another reason differentiated learning will be key to the future of professional development.

A primary focus of mine will be to create the differentiated learning environment in professional development that will not only identify needs of our existing and prospective members, but also, identify methods to differentiate our learning and metrics that will be used to measure our progress. We will be ready to serve our profession with the right information in the right manner at the right time for the right investment.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and am excited about the prospect of leading professional development opportunities for our members.

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