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Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Utilities Candidate


Russell Wong, CSP, CPEA



Russell Wong, CSP, CPEA, has worked in the electric utility industry for over 30 years and a career auditor that has conducted audits in utility operations, health and safety, and IT systems. Russ transitioned into the environmental, health and safety arena as an opportunity to broaden his operational knowledge of the company. Russ found that his operational audit perspective was foundational toward changing his company’s focus from a regulatory compliance focus toward a management systems approach of improving safety performance.

Russ has worked in the environmental health and safety arena for over 8 years. He has observed that the really good safety people practice their craft with passion, and that passion is focused on the wellbeing of others. This is also the most admirable trait of a safety professional and one that he has adopted as a professional mantra.

Russ has been a member of the American Society of Safety Engineer and has been impressed with the quality of the professionals and education opportunities provided. He has been an active participant of the Utilities Practice Specialty Advisory Committee for almost three years. And since earning his Certified Safety Professional designation, he has been the Web Education Chair for the group.  Russ earned his BS in Information Systems from Cal Poly Pomona and recently completed his MBA, and MS in Information Systems from Auburn University.  In addition, Russ has earned his Certified Safety Professional, Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Professional EHS Auditor, and Certified Information System Auditor designations over the course of his career which is a testimony to his dedication to his profession and willingness to learn.

Platform Statement

Improving safety in the utility industry is not something that can be accomplished by a single individual. It is essential to work with the frontā€line worker as well as senior management in order to create and maintain a safety work environment, culture, and climate. Borrowing from the Institute of Internal Auditors’ motto, “Progress through Sharing”, I have learned from my career as auditor that diverse thought from different perspectives can yield many avenues to solve a problem. I have been fortunate that I have been exposed to some of the brightest safety professionals through ASSE who have a common goal of improving worker safety.  As the Assistant Administrator, I hope to foster continued sharing of ideas and experiences that promote worker safety in the utility industries.

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