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Senior Vice President Candidate


Rixio E. Medina, CSP



Rixio Medina, CSP, CPP is Business Development Director with the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. With 37 years of experience, he was previously the vice president of health, safety, security, environment and shared services for CITGO Petroleum Corporation. He also worked with AcuTech Consulting, BP and Mobil. Rixio was appointed by the President of the United States to serve on the Chemical Safety Board, and served four terms as occupational safety professional representative on the National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health.
Rixio holds a B.S. in Engineering Technology - Fire Protection and Safety from Oklahoma State University and a M.S. from the University of Central Missouri. He served as a Director on the Board of Certified Safety Professionals from 2009-2014 and was President of BCSP in 2013.
A member of ASSE since 1991, Rixio served as secretary and treasurer in the Imperial Calcasieu Chapter, vice president Council of Professional Affairs, and on the Standard Development, Bylaws, Global and Diversity committees. Rixio served on the ASSE Foundation, sponsors the Hispanics in Safety scholarship and a professional education grant. He assisted establishing the Diversity Committee scholarship and funding the SPALW and WISE professional educational grants. Currently he is member of the Governmental Affairs Committee, ASSE Ambassador for Latin America and Region III Assistant RVP Public Affairs. He sponsors Region III Student Leadership Conference.
Rixio received the ASSE Fellow Honor, President’s Award, ASSE Foundation Distinguished Service Award, Diversity in SH&E Profession Award and the SPALW Significant Contributor Award.

Platform Statement

If given the opportunity to serve as a Senior Vice President, it will be my honor to represent all of you on the ASSE Board. I am committed to applying my global experience as a safety professional and leader, business executive, and my knowledge of strategic governance of non-profit organizations to help achieve our shared vision of a successful and vibrant ASSE. I will focus on achieving the ASSE mission and vision of assisting members and advancing the profession; guiding leadership of the Society through strategic governance; and supporting the expansion of ASSE’s global presence.
The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) is a member-driven global organization that with the volunteer work of visionary leaders and strong member participation has been successful in advancing the interests of occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals, enhancing the OSH profession, and in supporting students, new and young practitioners and future leaders.
Evidence of ASSE’s impressive success includes increasing membership engagement through practice specialties and common interest groups, chapters and sections. Other successes include the continued growth of our Body of Knowledge, the creation of the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability and Risk Assessment Institute, the offering of leading-edge professional development opportunities, and our increasing presence and sphere of influence in the global community.
As a result of the new challenges and opportunities created by our past successes, technological advancements and continuous changes in the environment, ASSE adopted a year ago a governance model that will allow the board to focus strategically on advancing membership and the profession. This governance model separates the governance functions from the operational functions. It also seeks to increase the members’ voice on the Society’s strategy and direction, providing additional chapter support, to operate the practice specialties and common interest groups more transparently, and to increase member participation in leadership roles.
The next few years will be critical to solidifying our strategic governance model and to address ASSE’s needs so we can continue as the best-in-class global member-centered, diverse and inclusive OSH professional organization. I look forward to this opportunity.

Services to ASSE Members

OSH professionals are the reason why ASSE exists. Members expect from ASSE the best services, products, network opportunities, and voice and representation for the profession that any organization has to offer to the OSH professional. We need to continue to find innovative and cost efficient ways to periodically and effectively communicate with ASSE members. We must continue to provide a portfolio of affordable and leading edge professional development resources for our members to become competent safety professionals, enhancing their competency, and expand their marketability in the workplace.
Of significant importance are the students, new and young OSH professionals and future leaders. It is critical that we focus our efforts to retain students past graduation and support their career path to achieve professional membership. We need to increase our offerings of exciting and challenging opportunities to support the development of the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to succeed.

Strategic Governance

As Senior Vice President, I will apply my strategically-focused board experience to assist in turning the operations function to a larger group of leaders and volunteers. I will seek to increase the participation of ASSE members in the Society’s activities and to benefit from their input in the strategic planning process.
When a board functions as both a strategic and operational board, it is difficult to completely let go of operational functions that take away time from the strategic aspects of the organization. The Society’s Board need to continue making sustained efforts to function as a focused strategic board while discharging its responsibilities of direction for ASSE, ensuring necessary resources are available and providing oversight.
The Board must also increase its self-monitor efforts to assure board members’ performance meet fiduciary responsibility standards. Additionally, the Board need to periodically verify that the objectives pursued by the new governance model are being achieved effectively and in a financially responsible manner.
Increased responsibilities and authority have to be assigned to the leaders and members volunteering their service on the councils, committees, practice specialties, common interest groups, regions, chapters and sections.

Advancing our Professional Standing

ASSE’s vision, mission, values and current goals and objectives address the Society’s role in defining professional competency, influencing the development of the legal framework that affects the practice of the profession or ASSE’s activities, and being the voice of the OSH profession and the professionals with government entities, the business community and other stakeholders. I fully embrace these fundamental principles and will act to strengthen the development of strategic alliances and partnerships and target initiatives with external stakeholders that will help advance our position as OSH professionals.

ASSE Global Presence

ASSE has members in more than 82 countries and on six continents. The Society’s advocacy efforts and other key initiatives for the OSH profession and professionals needs a global and energized emphasis. I will support the Global Region, International Practice Specialty, International Chapters and Sections and ASSE members living and or working outside the United States. These members are the experts in their individual country’s environment, and can help us further advance the OSH profession and professionals in every part of the world where ASSE members are present.

Statement Summary

I am excited about ASSE’s future and how our governance structure will contribute to it. I am excited about your future and the future of our profession. I am humbled by the opportunity to represent the Society and all that it stands for. I offer my proven track record advancing both the OSH profession and its professionals. Help me put that experience to use at ASSE. I thank you for your consideration and ask for your vote as Senior Vice President.

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