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Assistant Administrator Candidate


Oluwatomisin (Tomi) Elelu, CSP



Tomi Elelu, CSP is a high energy, hands-on Compliance, Health and Safety Leader who delivers results by understanding and leveraging the power of Influence and relationship to help teams propel forward to a common goal: World Class EHS Performance. As a leader, Tomi values authenticity, promotes vulnerability and believes in the unyielding power of team work.  His educational background goes back to Murray State University, where he received his Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Occupational Safety and Health in 2012. There, Tomi had the honor of being a NIOSH Scholar and grant recipient, as well as hold various officer roles for Murray State ASSE student chapter. Soon after, Tomi joined Chevron, holding various EHS roles in Northern California field locations and Corporate Office. Tomi served as a board member for the San Francisco chapter of ASSE in 2013 and 2014. His most recent role as EHS Manager for GM Huber’s in Quincy, Illinois facility began in October 2015, where he’s been able to achieve great success in reducing citations and building rapport with regulatory agencies. In Tomi’s personal life, he is married with a child. Tomi has a love for cooking, long hikes and business leadership books/authors. His off-work passion is mentoring and empowering the next generation of Leaders by promoting the understanding of networking and relationship building. Tomi’s close friends describe him as engaging, grounded, and reflective.  Tomi is a Professional member of ASSE.

Platform Statement

This is a unique time at ASSE for all young professionals. Over recent years we’ve been experiencing tremendous growth in the organization, especially in our demographic. We have an opportunity and calling, now more then ever to solidify our place as movers and shakers, and be a part of defining the path forward for the whole organization. Although this calling comes with great expectations, with strong leadership, I think we are equipped to meet this. This is a key component of why I should be your next YP Assistant Administrator. We need leaders that can cast vision, and unify us (YP members) with a common goals and purpose. This very thing, is in very strong alignment with my leadership profile and strengths; bringing people together, and approaching every situation with an intent to foster collaboration within the group. It’s what I did on the executive board for San Francisco chapter as VP of programs, and it is what I will do as Assistant Administrator for YP. Along with any accelerated growth phase within an organization, we need to have future minded leaders that can not only help sustain that growth, but also to challenge the status quo. In my experience, the same operating paradigms that allowed us to get here in membership numbers, aren’t the same ones that will take us to the next level of engagement and influence. What will take us to the next level of engagement and influence is relationship. Both internal (within YP) and external (within society) relationship building is my biggest strength and one that any successful candidate will need to leverage for success in the role. I plan to build and maintain crucial relationships by being visible, authentic, and engaging. I’m honored to be a part of this conversation that will impact the future of ASSE. I thank you all for your careful consideration in this important voting decision. Please feel free to reach out to me via social media or email with any questions on where I stand regarding issues, or strategy.

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