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Region II: Area A


Melissa Schmaltz, CSP


Melissa Schmaltz, CSP graduated in 2001 from Northern Arizona University with a BS in Geology and a BA in Spanish and began her Safety career in 2002 at Workplace Safety Specialists as an EHS Consultant until 2004 when she accepted a position at Arizona State OSHA (ADOSH) as an Industrial Hygiene Compliance Officer. She completed 99 inspections of Arizona workplaces in 2.5 years before transferring into the ADOSH Consultation Department as the Industrial Hygiene Trainer.

In 2008, Melissa accepted a position as the Safety Engineer at PING, and in 2014 was promoted to her current position as Senior Safety Engineer. Melissa works with 850 employees in manufacturing and office areas. In 2009 Melissa achieved the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) designation, and in 2010 she received a Master’s Degree in Environmental Technology Management from Arizona State University.

Melissa has been active within the local Arizona Chapter of ASSE as Vice President, President‐Elect, and
Awards and Honors Chair. She is the 2015‐2016 President and Delegate of the Chapter.
Melissa is also the Awards and Honors Chair for Region II and advanced the Region II Safety Professional
of the Year (SPY) as a successful nominee for the 2014‐2015 Society SPY.

Melissa is also active within the WISE Common Interest Group. Melissa was the AZ Chapter WISE Chair
from 2013‐2015, and turned the committee into a viable chapter section this year. Melissa is also the
Chapter WISE Vice‐Chair and has been a WISE mentor for the past four years.

Platform Statement

I believe that chapter leadership is the foundation of the ASSE, as they are the members that have stepped up to provide to the membership in their community and enhance the safety profession as a whole. In my position as Region II Area A Director, I will support this endeavor.

I envision all Area chapters continuing to be viable and growing, and supporting each other in their paths to success. I see the chapter and region leadership collaborating to provide a rich and meaningful experience for all members. This vision includes providing new means of communication between chapters so that they may more readily share successful implementations of improvements and ideas, and implementing the proposed chapter mentorship program where larger chapters mentor and support the smaller and/or newer chapters to enhance their leadership potential.

While supporting the chapters in meeting Society deadlines and advancing the ASSE mission, I see the enhancement of an environment rich in education, collaboration and significance to the safety community. 

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