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Senior Vice President Candidate


Diana Stegall, CSP, CFPS, ARM, CPCU



Diana Stegall, CSP, CFPS, ARM, is a senior loss control specialist for United Heartland, Minnesota. She helps clients reduce their overall cost of risk by providing risk assessments, developing programs, and working with both senior leadership teams and line workers to improve their safety climate.  She previously worked at Chubb, PMA, Reliance, and USF&G.  She graduated cum laude with a degree in chemistry from Wake Forest University.

Diana currently serves as Region V Vice President and is the CoRA representative on the Finance Committee.  She served on the Board (2014-2015), chaired the CoMRA Education and Training Committee, and has been involved with the Leadership Conference almost every year since 2004.  She was a member of CoPD (2008-2014) and, as Chair of the Society PDC planning committee, (2008-2011) oversaw the record-breaking Safety2011.  Other Society involvement includes Governmental Affairs (2003-2008), practice specialties, WISE, Foundation legacy donor, and Bylaws Committee (2006).

During her international travel she has participated in strategic discussions on the United Arab Emirates’ plan for OSH regulation implementation and a working session to review INSHPO’s Framework for the Safety Profession.

Diana’s honors include ASSE’s Safety Professional of the Year (SPY), Culbertson award (2011, 2004), chapter and regional SPY - Northwest Chapter, Region V, Triad Chapter, and Region VI.  She was recognized by WISE in 2015 for excellence in mentoring and in 2011 as one of the “100 Women Making a Difference”.  Non-ASSE awards include the 2014 Pfounder’s Award (United Heartland) and 2015 Jim Knoernschild Award (UH Loss Control).

Platform Statement

The senior vice president (SVP) is the primary conduit between the councils and the Board. Part of the promise with the recent governance change was that the communication between the Board, the Councils, and member communities would not be negatively impacted.  It is imperative that the person in this role understands council operations and how these operations contribute to our strategic objectives. This understanding helps ensure that the communication between the strategic and operational sides of Society remains strong.

My passion for ASSE was ignited when I attended my first Leadership Conference while I was still in Region VI.  The experience helped me to understand the Society structure beyond chapter operations and the ways we truly work together to protect people, property, and the environment. 

I have been actively involved with all of the Councils – whether actually on the Council (CoPD, CoMRA/CoRA), by serving on one of the main council committees (CoPA:  Government Affairs), or by being actively involved with the constituent units (WISE, numerous practice specialties, five chapters, and three regions). My current role on the finance committee has added an understanding of the administrative element of Society. Over the past five years, I have travelled internationally with ASSE learning firsthand the opportunities and challenges across the globe.

Some of my most satisfying experiences have been working with our student sections and later seeing the student leaders in leadership roles within their chapter and region.  I will work to ensure that the opportunity to increase the retention of student members has been addressed and that volunteer leaders are well versed in what it takes to create a positive member experience for the member as well as the volunteer, regardless of role or where they are located.

I realize that I have been very fortunate to work for organizations that not only support my ASSE involvement but recognize the benefit that involvement provides them. It is important that we develop tools to help our members communicate these benefits to employers who are not as supportive – whether it is looking for support to run for office or to attend events: chapter meetings, chapter conferences, regional conferences, Society sponsored events, or whatever the future may bring.

I envision a time when companies include safety professionals on their “must have” list and recognize what that does (and doesn’t) mean; that getting rid of the safety position when times get hard isn’t a consideration; and that organizations recognize the contributions of safety professionals and promote them to senior leadership positions.

Growing up, my mom and dad were both involved with their professional associations – attending conferences, holding office at different levels, and working to move their profession forward.  ASSE has been a major part of my professional life.  I feel that I have been able to make a difference with my involvement up to this point. As SVP I want to take that to the next level.  Join me as we take this journey together!

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