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Region III: North, Area Director Candidate


Denis Baker, CSP



DENIS BAKER, CSP currently serves as the Vice President, Safety and Risk Management for Osburn Contractors LLC. He has over 28 years experience in Safety and Risk Management. As a Senior Executive, Denis has extensive experience in various industries and has established himself as a leader within many companies, organizations and associations. He is a passionate influencer committed to teaching and communicating practical and relevant influencing techniques to create stronger leaders. Denis has gained his passionate influential leadership style through his many experiences with both good and bad leaders.

Denis holds a Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University and is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP).  He currently serves as the President of the Oklahoma City Chapter, is Region III ARVP Member and Chapter Affairs and is a Professional Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE).  Mr. Baker has taken his passion and conviction for leadership to a higher level by becoming a certified Executive/Business Coach, Trainer and Keynote Speaker for the John Maxwell Group. His uniquely passionate and emotionally driven style resonates with many causing a driven desire to change and become more effective leaders.

Platform Statement

It is an honor to be considered for the Region III, North Area Director position.  With the support of my wife, employer and colleagues, I believe I can assist each North Area chapter to achieve their goals and objectives.

As a long time society member, I have not always been active.  It wasn’t until 2011 that I realized I could only make a difference if I became active in the Chapter.  I immediately began serving in the OKC Chapter in whatever capacity was available.  I became Membership Chair, then was elected to Vice President (President Elect) and became President for the 2016-17 Chapter Year.  Simultaneously, I began speaking and supporting the student sections at the University of Central OK and Oklahoma State University.

As North Area Director, it is my desire to support and influence EACH chapter to identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop sustainable plans that lead to the ultimate achievement of PLATNIUM Chapter.

I will assist each chapter to increase meeting attendance and member participation, enhance the local PDC quality and increase PDC attendance.  I will support chapters in their quest for volunteer solicitation. And will provide the coaching and leadership necessary to increase the influence and leadership effectiveness.  I will be an active mentor to the student sections and give them the attention necessary to become successful professionals.

I ultimately view the role of Area Director as one that understands and supports the Regional Vice President’s vision influences the chapters to collaborate in their quest to achieve the Regions Goals and Objectives. 

It is my promise to you, that I will commit the time and effort necessary to advance each chapter and to support all members with in the Area through a desire to further enhance the networking and professional development opportunities for every Safety Professional.

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