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Practice Specialty Assistant Administrator - Public Sector Candidate


Brandon J Hody, MS, CSP



Brandon J. Hody, MS, CSP, is a Safety and Occupational Health Professional at Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) in Johnstown, Pennsylvania where he has been a consultant in the safety, health, and environmental field for five years. At CTC, Brandon is a team member of the Department of Defense (DoD) Safety Management Center of Excellence (SMCX). As a member of the DoD SMCX at CTC, he supports government agencies’ initiatives to implement occupational safety and health practices throughout their organizations to strengthen their safety management system. As part of this effort, Brandon serves as a manager of safety and health training for the DoD SMCX, generating ideas for training content and materials; assigning and peer reviewing training-related tasks; developing webinars, presentations, and other educations courses, and; delivering effective training to clients and stakeholders. In addition, he specializes in industrial hygiene work, conducting monitoring, tracking, and recording of health hazard exposures to DoD personnel.

Brandon is a highly active professional member of ASSE, with membership in the Public Sector Practice Specialty, the Young Professionals Common Interest Group, and the Western Pennsylvania Chapter. He also serves as the Secretary, and Awards and Honors Chair, after previously serving as the Content Coordinator for the Public Sector, as well. Brandon studied at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he obtained both his Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Safety Science. A published author, Brandon has written professional articles for EHS Today the magazine, as well as the Public Sector Practice Specialty’s Perspectives.

Platform Statement

There are several opportunities moving forward that the PSPS can pursue to continue to achieve excellence. First, we need to increase the involvement of our current PSPS membership. Throughout my tenure on the Advisory Committee, I was one of several members who held dual roles to fill open vacancies, ensuring we achieved our Gold status. We need to communicate better with our members and motivate them to take leadership positions on our advisory committee. We need to make volunteering on the advisory committee more appealing to members, creating a waiting line of members eager to contribute. We can achieve this by holding an open call annually with the entire PSPS. This can encourage our members to participate and allow them the opportunity to speak their minds about not only their own involvement, but also how we can continue to improve the practice specialty and better provide useful information to our members.

Additionally, I think we need to spread the word about conference attendance and presentations. Many members do not know that the PSPS can sponsor their submission when they have a strong, current, public sector-related topic.  We can do a big part in assisting with this by maintaining a list of current events and topics related to the public sector.  We can make this list available to our members, who can use it to develop presentation ideas, in addition to webinar, technical article, and white paper proposals.

Lastly, I think we need to involve ourselves more with other practice specialties.  We pair with Fire and Utilities each year at the conference for a roundtable, and next year we plan to pair with Healthcare for an additional roundtable. I think we can benefit from understanding how other practice specialties achieve excellence, in addition to supporting their quest for excellence, as well.

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