Tracy O. Linhart is the safety and security director for Premier Beverage Company LLC, Miramar Fl. He oversees the firm’s Florida safety, health, environmental protection and security programs, and provides technical assistance regarding safety and security policy and regulatory compliance. Linhart has more than 22 years experience in the safety field. Prior to joining Premier Beverage Company LLC, he was a safety officer in the United States Navy. He holds a M.S.A. in Public Administration from the University of Central Michigan, B.A. in Business Administration, from St. Leo College, A.S. in Electronics Engineering from Key West community college, and A.A. in Business from Key West Community college.

An ASSE member since 1996, he is serving as Area Director for Region IV. He has held many offices in the South Florida Chapter. Linhart’s chapter service includes 4 terms as chapter delegate (2004-08), chapter president (2003-04) and (2005-06); two terms as chapter secretary (2001-03), and 3 terms as treasurer (1998-2001).

Tracy is also a member of the Florida Trucking Association, serving on the safety committee and public relations committee. He serves on the National Safety Council of South Florida board of directors since 1996 and has held positions of secretary and vice chairman.

Tracy is also active in his community, serving as a Junior Achievement class instructor and currently a Boy Scouts of America volunteer. His hobbies and interests are many and diverse, but he spends most of his free time with family.

Platform Statement

What do I know about what the challenges of the society; I am an average guy who has watched the society change over the last 10 years to communicate more efficiently and embrace technology. The society has helped me to meet my work and personal goals. I have met many individuals with more experience and education than I have completed. I have interacted with professionals that are the experts in their fields. I have learned from those experts first hand. I have asked questions about policies, procedures and have received free advice on workable solutions.

I am ready to visit the chapters and to bring the area presidents and executive boards together to brain storm on how to recruit in South Florida, to bring top performing speakers to the meetings, to leave our monthly meetings with ideas and tools to make our jobs more fulfilling, and to create synergy among the chapters by sharing ideas and talent.

I am ready to work to make the chapters stronger. Remember, we are working to help each other to save lives, and, in doing so, we will be able to sleep at night knowing we did everything in our power to keep everyone safe and secure from injury.