Thomas F. Cecich, CSP, CIH  is President of TFC & Associates, a safety, health and environmental management consulting firm, and a member of ORC Worldwide’s safety and health consulting practice in Washington, DC.  Previously he was Vice-President EHS Global Business Support at GlaxoSmithKline and had safety management positions at the IBM and Allied Chemical Corporations.

Cecich holds a BS and MS in Industrial Engineering. He is member of the graduate faculty at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine where he teaches a graduate course entitled “Financial Aspects of Health and Safety”.

Cecich is a 38 year member of ASSE and a past president of the North Carolina Chapter. He has served on the Society’s Governmental Affairs (past chair) Strategic Planning, PDC, Educational Standards and Public Relations committees. He also has been a trustee of the American Society of Safety Engineers Foundation from 1991-1996 and 2004 – current. He is a two time recipient of the Society’s Culbertson Award and also received the ASSE President’s award.

Cecich served on the Board of Certified Safety Professionals from 1993-1998 and was the President of BCSP in 1997. He also served for three years as Chairman of the Board of the Manufacturers and Chemical Industry Council of North Carolina, a state affiliate of the American Chemistry Council.

He is a co-author of the landmark National Science Foundation study Climate Change Impacts on the United States published in 2000. He is also a member of NC Environmental Management Commission.

Platform Statement

Safety professionals are facing fundamental shifts in the world around us.  ASSE must provide the leadership to address the safety related challenges that are occurring with employers, government and global markets.  With my work experience in those areas and my ASSE service on the Governmental Affairs (past Chair), Strategic Planning, PDC Planning and Educational Standards Committees, if elected I will bring leadership to address the following areas critical to the future of safety professionals and ASSE:

ASSE must continually work to promote the value that safety professionals add to their organizations in addressing rapidly changing business challenges.  ASSE must develop strategies to promote and market the value of the professionals who deliver services to the organizations that employ them.

It is likely that recent elections will change government activity on safety and health issues not seen in a generation.  ASSE must continue to use its investment in governmental affairs to promote the value of safety professionals and influence legislators and regulators to make public policy decisions that will effectively enhance worker safety in the most cost effective manner.

ASSE must address the changes occurring in international commerce, standards, legislation and workforces as they impact professional safety practice.  To promote opportunities for safety professionals in the global marketplace ASSE must strongly support consistent global safety standards and enforcement to ensure adequate levels of worker protection that support fair competition for firms that employ safety professionals.

ASSE must recognize and react to the changes in workforce demographics impacting safety professionals.  Specifically ASSE must work to ensure an adequate number of college level safety programs and educators to introduce a constant supply of new safety professionals into the workforce.

If given the opportunity by your vote, I would be honored to serve as your VP of Professional Affairs to lead the above efforts.