Patricia M. Ennis, CSP, ARMSenior Vice President

Patricia M. Ennis, CSP, ARM


Patricia M. Ennis, CSP, ARM, has 22 years' experience in safety management and consulting. Her employment includes work in the construction and insurance industries, and as director of workplace safety for Denver Zoological Foundation. She is currently a senior risk control consultant for Willis, North America Inc. in Denver, CO.

Trish is a professional member of ASSE and has held all offices in the Colorado Chapter. During her term as chapter president (2001- 02), the Colorado Chapter received a Chapter Achievement Award. Region II service includes two terms as region vice president (2004-08). She currently serves on the Region II Advisory Committee.

Service at the Society level includes serving on several committees: Professional Development Conference Planning (2002-04, 2008); Risk Symposium Task Force (2005); Nominations and Elections (2006); Strategic Planning (2006-08); Finance (2007-08); Bylaws (2008- 10); and Compensation (2010, 2011). Trish was chair of the 2008 Future Safety Leaders Conference and she is serving a second term as Vice President of Professional Development (2009-13).

Trish was named the Colorado Chapter Safety Professional of the Year in 2003 and she received a Charles V. Culbertson Outstanding Volunteer Service Award in 2008. She is an author of a chapter in the Construction Safety Management and Engineering (Hill, 2004).

Trish holds a B.A. from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, and she is pursuing an M.S. in Organizational Leadership at Regis University in Denver.


The American Society of Safety Engineers is celebrating 100 years of safety innovation and development, and stands on the brink of the future. As we look to this future we strive to further define our role and purpose, both as working professionals and as a professional organization. We ask important questions about how we will grow and continue to support our members, our employers, and our global community.

Our ability to answer these questions will be significantly impacted by the engagement and leadership provided by our members and volunteer leaders. Providing members with a path for volunteer service and professional development is a key role of the Society, one that continues to evolve as we expand opportunities for participation around the globe. I have had opportunities to serve in leadership roles with ASSE since I became a member and volunteered at the local Chapter level, and I am passionate about providing those same opportunities to members who are seeking ways to get involved. There are three primary paths I wish to expand as we step over the brink into our future, and those are professional development, leadership, and embracing our global community.

Professional Development
Professional Development is the path to knowledge. ASSE has continually provided cutting edge educational opportunities to Safety, Health and Environment professionals, through annual conferences, symposia, webinars, conference calls and technical publications. With success come challenges. Sustaining the existing quality, while continuing to enhance the content and variety of educational and informational resources available to Society members and partners are just a few of the challenges we face.

As busy professionals we often find that we have little time to travel away from the workplace to attend a meeting or a symposium. This is compounded by economic conditions that fail to support travel or professional development budgets. Advances in technology, and communication with our global partners create significant opportunities, providing us with the ability to expand web-based learning through webinars and virtual symposia, without the burdens of travel expenses and time away from the workplace. Advances in technology also provide new platforms for delivering information that allow for creativity, information sharing, and collaboration among users. As technology continues to improve, learning opportunities are sure to do the same. I am committed to expanding the way ASSE uses these technologies, by keeping up with emerging technology and leveraging existing technology to enhance communication, sustainability, and maximize cost savings to members and the Society.

As ASSE members we continuously demonstrate leadership skills in multiple ways through our professional practice, through mentoring others, through servant leadership with ASSE, and as leaders in our communities. As a professional organization we have the opportunity and responsibility to use our knowledge and our voice to actively participate in the decision making of our regulatory agencies. We have a unique opportunity to participate in the governance process with regulatory agencies as well as other professionals in environmental, sustainability, management, education, and health fields to name a few, and it is my intent to support the active role ASSE plays in governmental affairs.

It is a key role of the Senior Vice President to facilitate communication between the Society leaders at all levels, from student sections, to Chapters, and on through the ASSE Councils and committees, practice specialties and common interest groups. I am dedicated to facilitating this communication in a positive collaborative way, as I believe that people don’t have power until they have a voice in the decision making process.

Another key role of a leader is mentoring others. Mentoring can benefit people at all levels of professional practice, from a seasoned professional seeking professional certification, to our young adults who are exploring future career paths. The ASSE Public Relations Committee is a key player in this area as it continues to develop tools such as the safety suitcase and to educate others through NAOSH week and the kids’ safety on the job poster contest. I am committed to supporting these excellent programs and exploring new ways to develop mentoring and outreach opportunities for our members, student members, and future SH&E professionals through networking, professional development and education.

Global Community
The ASSE membership is becoming more globally diverse; challenging us to enhance the ways we communicate and provide services to members around the world. In addition to diversifying membership demographics, global growth impacts ASSE members in the way they practice safety and health. As employers expand into other countries, safety and health professionals are tasked with learning new cultural and regulatory norms. As a membership organization we have an opportunity to rise to this challenge by providing tools and education to our stakeholders. I am dedicated to leading this effort as we develop enhanced educational programs, such as expanding existing programs to include international safety and health practices.

I have had many opportunities to serve in leadership roles with ASSE over the past decade, and am honored by the opportunity to serve as ASSE Senior Vice President.