Pamela B. Perrich, MPH, CIHRegion IV Vice President

Pamela B. Perrich, M.P.H., CIH


Pamela B. Perrich, M.P.H., CIH, is the head of the industrial hygiene department for the Naval Hospital Pensacola. She manages the industrial hygiene program for the U. S. Navy in the southeast, providing comprehensive industrial hygiene services for approximately 40,000 Navy, Marine Corps and civilian personnel in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana and northwest Florida.

Pam has been a professional member of ASSE since 2002, and is serving her second term as the Georgia/North Florida Area Director. She is also Administrator of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty. Pam previously served on the Leadership Conference Task Force (3 years), Admissions Committee (4 years) and Student Section/Chapter Relationship Task Force (1 year). She was assistant administrator of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty for 4 years.

Pam was Pensacola Chapter president from 2004 to 2006. The chapter received its first Chapter Stars recognition during her presidency in 2006 and was named the Region IV Small Chapter of the Year that year as well.

Pam was selected the Senior Civilian of the Year for the Naval Hospital for 2010. She was the Safety Professional of the Year for the Pensacola Chapter in 2006 and Region IV in 2007. She has published in The Monitor, the technical publication of the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty, and presented at ASSE's Safety 2009 and 2011 conferences, numerous Navy conferences and ASSE's Leadership Conference in 2007, 2008 and 2010.


Chapters are the lifeblood of ASSE. They are the member support networks, the voice of ASSE in the local communities, and the pools of future leaders. They remember our history and dream about our future. The warmth and welcoming of the members of the Pensacola Chapter and the leadership opportunities they afforded me are the reason I am where I am today within ASSE.

We place great responsibility on our Chapters and we owe them much to help ensure their success. I believe that to be successful the Chapters of Region IV must have leaders with a strong understanding of their roles and responsibilities. The Region IV Vice President, its Area Directors and the great ASSE staff all play pivotal roles in transferring this knowledge to our Chapter leaders.

I also believe that communication to and from the Region is important for every successful Chapter. As Chapter President for two years and Area Director for the Georgia/North Florida Area for four years, I came to understand just how important communication within the Region is. Being able to reach out to my Area Director to share an idea, vent a frustration, or seek some guidance was really helpful to me. And being Area Director and being there when my six Chapters needed to share an idea, vent a frustration, or seek guidance has been my most rewarding experience to date with ASSE.

While we may be good communicators, there is room for improvement. As your Region IV Vice President, I pledge that improving communication will top my agenda. Improvements will take the form of more outreach to the Chapters, a more informational webpage, more sharing of news and events from around the Region, and maximum use of resources for face-to-face meetings.